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An old friend who lives in France had a bad car accident last December 2011. She was in hospital 4 months and was finally home in Honfleur after convalescence in June. She has made amazing progress and is now back on her feet, having broken 5 bones in her pelvis.
Our friend’s beautiful garden on 3 levels, has not been touched for 18 months as prior to the accident she had a fall and was badly bruised. When visiting her in hospital, I said ‘’ I’d love to get my hands on your garden;‘’ she was thrilled and took me up on the idea; so my husband and I have been over in Honfleur for the last 2 weeks. My husband built book shelves in her salon and did numerous DIY jobs in the house, (It is an old 15th century farm house) whilst I spent almost every day gardening – it was bliss. I finished about 4.30 showered and then had a snooze or a read, only to be woken with a cup of tea and also the aroma of a cordon bleu meal being prepared. How good is that !
The garden is reached by crossing a cobbled street infront of the house and going through an old oak door in a high stone wall.The first level is approached by a flight of 15 old stone steps and is mainly grassed backed by the old town wall. It has 2 apple trees, a bay, a white lilac and a choisya. The second level is approached by another flight of 15/20 steps and has black currants and raspberries and 2 rose arches with a small flower garden at the far end. The third level, yes another flight of steps, is paved with a large pond and huge laurel bush.
I have tried to upload photos; but have not been successful. I have selected 3 photos so far; but they have not appeared! Any advise wecome.
Have just discovered that it takes over a minute to down load photos I have included more photos with ’’my photos’’ though.. ….I must practice a bit more patience!

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Great that you were able to help. How will your friend mange this garden on 3 levels now will it be possilbe.
Are your photos too big to upload there is a limit? I think the download size is 3mb?

18 Sep, 2012


So pleased to hear it all went well must have been in your element :)
Can't advise re pics I'm afraid - did they look like they were uploading...i.e. the little circle thingy at the top of the browser was going 'round'.
I hope you understand these technical words 'circle thingy' and 'round':))
I usually upload blogs late at night when the site is quiet and it doesn't take so long. I find that during the day it just freezes and doesn't upload before I lose patience.
I do hope you get them uploaded.

18 Sep, 2012


Sorry to hear about your friend's accident. I hope she's recovering satisfactorily.
It was kind of you to offer to help with her garden, and I'm pleased you enjoyed it :o)

18 Sep, 2012


Good for you helping out a friend in need and getting to be able to work in her what sounds to be incredible garden, and your husband too helping with his DIY projects;0) Do hope your friend makes a full recovery. We stayed in Honfleur a number of years ago very happy memories, I did a painting of it while we were there, will put a picture on for you [hope you manage to upload some picture for us to see;0))

19 Sep, 2012


to upload photos on here, i have to resize all of mine ~ right click on the photo and choose the 'edit' option; then go into 'resize' ~ if you choose the pixels i find that 999 will work well; then save the photo with a different name. you should be able to upload the re-sized photos hopefully.

24 Sep, 2012


Thanks for advise Stickitoffee, will try that next time.

24 Sep, 2012



24 Sep, 2012


How kind of you both Roseberry and what a thrill to work Nd enjoy her French garden! Hope she is much better now.......I'm off to find photos in your gallery now......:))

16 Jun, 2013

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