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Although I was born,raised and have lived all my life in Santa Barbara County, California, I'm not a typical local Californian. I get down and dirty, work til my hearts content and rest well every night, contented with my horticultural life.

Through the years, as I learn from peoples like yourself all over the world, I seem to be pointed across the continent and over the sea to Britain~Ireland and Scotland but have not been. Every time I go online to research a specific plant, technique or idea, I end up places like Harrods, or RHS, in envy! For instance what is typically a "Fruit cage" or an enclosed garden is what I call an "Anti aviary" which I have built frombeing in need..nobody showed me how, I figured it out, without google!
I design my gardens as a floral arrangement: 60 to 80% useful filler fluffy plants/ 40-20% focal points plants...and I have to have a useful garden. No lawns, no hedges no pain the arse plants.
I like a few large focal plants like Crambe and cardoon, fancy Chysanthmums and Dahlias, scented pelargonium,roses and carrot for their flowers. I believe in mixing edibles with ornamentals. I get paid to work in other peoples gardens. Perhaps I ought to adopt a British accent and get paid more :)

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