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Clean up beings!


Hi everyone,

nothing much to shout about here, some rain, winds around 40 Miles/hour or better here. But the worst, no power for over 18 hours. It finally came on about 1 AM this morning.

Lots of leaves and branches to clean up, a few tree branches about 4 -5 feet long, and lots of wet leaves on the driveway. I was hoping for some winds today to carry it away but I suspect I will need to start up the ‘wind machine’ of my own, the leaf blower – to clean up that part of the place. I’m hoping the township will carry away the litter if we leave it on the roadway. So far no notice about it on their web site. I hate for it to go into the trash stream, and the township turns that stuff into compost. better for the world I think. at least my small corner of it.

Power is back on, news doesn’t show much about the damage so those who have it know what they need to do to get back to normal. Lots of trees down around here. Neighbor’s neighbor had one crash into her tree and split a pine at the end of her yard. Guy said I will clean all of it up today. NICE neighbor I’d say. It would be one of my neighbors I’d have to clean it up for them. 8-(

Yes, the weather here is changable. As we say, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.

Everyone take care, and have a great Monday.

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Sounds like a lot of hard work Rusty. It is the flooding that sounds bad. I hope New York has escaped a lot of damage. I just hate the damage high winds do to the garden.
You take care too.

29 Aug, 2011


Glad to hear, you've not been hit too bad...some dreadful flooding going on in places...have been following on take care...x

29 Aug, 2011


leaf litter and all cleaned up. might take a stroll down to the garden to see what is left from that wind. Lettuce probably ok, tomatoes.. not so, I'm thinking.

they were about done anyway, it they look salvagable, I'll let them stay, if not they go.

No worries about a flood around here. most of the problem comes from lack of grass/soil for the rain to soak into. you cannot pave every inch of a place and not have a problem when it rains hard. You would think the town planners would know that by now. BUT NO.. it's more important to deal with saving money for the builder who adds to the tax roll, than it is to deal with tax payers who have a flooded basement because someone didn't think this would happen!

there I go again... but now I feel better! thanks ladies for letting me vent.

everyone have a great evening.

29 Aug, 2011

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