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Water, water, water


Hi Everyone who visits here.

Between Irene and Lee I have had enough water to fill up the drought impacted ground to past saturation. And now I am dealing with a wet basement on one side- where we always have water when we have a long rain.

Not been in the garden for almost a week, weeds will be very easy to pull when I get out there tho. Had a tree man over yesterday in the rain no less, to estimate the cost of removing an ash tree that is about done for. Good price and he comes recommended, so he gets the job.

A friend posted on facebook that she has turned off the news because the forecast is driving her insane. But she mentioned that she is counting on FB to keep her informed. LOL! Look out your window or down in the basement to see what it is doing.

I hope everyone is ok and working in their respective gardens. I hope to be back into mine soon.

Just heard the Susquehanna river (geography time again) will be cresting over flood stage on Friday. Luckily we are about 5 miles from there so no worries for us.

Everyone have a sunny day for me!

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It's been very wet here Rusty, along with a few days of high winds. Things have calmed down, but the forecast is for more rain. I'm waiting to plant my bulbs for the spring but the ground is sodden.

Hope 5 miles is far enough to keep the river from your spot. Do you have a boat and wellies ready, just in case...

Take care.

7 Sep, 2011


I am a little surprised that you can get tropical storms as north as Pennsylvania. My daughters were in Boston in June and there was a tropical storm in Massachusetts. I live near London and the weather here today is bright and dry at the moment. I hope you too get a nice weather soon.

7 Sep, 2011


Hi I....Good to know you're about...That basement again...there's a few houses here like that, heavy rainfall basement gets flooded...some even have underground streams running through the basement too...
Been making Marmalade nearly all day glad that's done and over a busy two weeks all round...where does the time go...Still more jobs to do in the garden before fall..still getting there...take care x

7 Sep, 2011


Hi Granny, No need for wellies and a boat! If it gets this high the entire township will be evacuated to higher ground. We are at the top of our street, so when it starts flooding a mile east of here at the township creek, we don't even worry.

Hi Costas. Drag out your map of the US. Pennsylvania is about 100 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Although we are about 200 miles inland. When a slow moving storm comes north from the tropics of Florida and takes the perfect path- with a wide cone as they call it- we get plenty of water. This baby is a slow mover so it's dumping lots of rain, so far a min of 6 inches and we could get as much as 8.

Hi S,

managed to put some peaches up before I got to dealing with this mess. I don't think I will be going out to the farmer's open air market this Friday. Flood waters in that area and we are not done with rains yet. By Friday it could be much worse. or closed due to flooding.

Well, ladies, back to dealing with the mess on the storage room floor.

OOPS! Sue- one of the many cousins found me an editor for my book. going to start working with her within the next 2-3 weeks. *-))

7 Sep, 2011


Oh wow I that's great gonna be famous lol....:))) so pleased for's time we had a catch up, must try harder and phone you soon...just don't know where the time goes...
I just thought, is it the same big Pen. market where I spotted the the handspun shawls,.... you mean that year has gone round already...
The Rain ...we either get none or all of it no in-betweeners....stay safe...
Managed to get my Marmalade finished, that's a long job, and my calf muscle was aching all day yesterday, couldn't tell you why...but you need your pins to stand so long...:)))) anyway OH helped, he generally does, good soul he is...
take care x

8 Sep, 2011


Hi S,

that farm show thing is in January. and BTW that area is in about 4 feet of water right now. RIght next to a stream.

the open air market is at the rear parking lot of that very place. and I have my doubts that I will be going there tomorrow as most of that area will still be under water! I can get there Tuesday IF I need veggies for the Saturday party and can't get them at the nearby farmer's market.

I found a guy to take down a tree that is rotting. $600. seemed reasonable to me. Hubs said go for it! 8-)) long as it is DOWN.

also need to get rugs cleaned for party.. wet dog smell is everywhere! UGH. I don't know but when I can smell it, it's time for a cleaning. Had them cleaned in July, usually do it in October after all the fall rains, but I think we will be early this year. I MIGHT have it done again closer to Christmas if we continue to have this rain. Whatever that guy costs it is worth it, under an hour and he's done. I turn on a fan against the floor and it's dry in about 2 hours. Much cleaner, faster and drier than i can manage. although I do run the sweeper every day, and the rug scrubber when I see spots. Takes me for EVER tho.

LOL! famous! dunno about THAT! infamous may be more like it. I have managed to read over 20 books about Thomas Jefferson, and have quoted many authors. Long as they are correctly cited I suspect I will not be sued for libel! That is the job of my editor to check to make sure I am safe with that.

I think the majprity of my readers will be family and friends. My chiro wants to have me at his office for a book signing. I have to think on that.

so, back to cleaning the mess down here. rains seem to have stopped the heavy stuff, now it needs to STOP completely and the sun needs to come out, with a light wind. I and everyone else in the county needs to mow our lawns.

everyone have a great day. Mine is just starting.

8 Sep, 2011

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