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Wind's died down for now, tree still standing!


Thanks everyone who welcomed me and thanks for the advice and comments.
I was very touched that so many people responded 8 )
My mimosa obviously needs to be identified properly so I’ll put a photo up here very soon and try to get some more details about it.I’m pleased to say that it is looking fine and the staking is still secure.

This week I’m about to start preparing my four gunnera (gunnerii ?) for the winter months, by cutting off the leaves from near the base and staking them over and around the crowns of each plant to protect them from frost. When the weather threatens to drop below 2/3*C I usually put straw all around them as well. Seems to have done the trick quite nicely for the last 5-6 years. But I still worry for them! Someone told me about using bubble-wrap for protection – has anyone on GoY tried this, I wonder?

Sadly, quality time in the garden has been limited over the last few months -so it was with delight that I discovered a crown of very vigorously growing curly-edged dark green leaves, ‘suddenly’ appearing. I rushed inside to google the plant details…How daft did I feel when I discovered that more than likely I was eulogising about of The Common Ragwort! How did it get into an inner-city garden, bounded by high walls no less?
You just gotta have a sense of humour about these things !

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It's surprising how weeds get about. Pitty some of our cultivated plants weren't a bit easier to grow.
Do put a photo of your Mimosa. Someone may be able to help.

27 Nov, 2009


Hi, Saavikam, nice blog. I know of Gunnera being grown in a number of gardens in Scotland, including our own, without any great problem with freezing. The leaves of died back a few weeks ago and I lifted these off the garden to cover the crown. I don't use straw or bubble wrap as I don't think it necessary. Last winter the Gunnera survived two weeks of freezing weather with the temperature dropping to -20C on a couple of nights.

27 Nov, 2009


I have Gunnera, too - and I do exactly what you and Bulbaholic do. I wouldn't use bubble wrap, anyway, as it could cause rotting of the crown of the plant.

I know that some people pile straw or bracken over the crowns, with the leaves over the top. I don't here, and it was very cold last winter - no harm came to them.

27 Nov, 2009

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