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Let's have a laugh!!!!


By sadie


Nothing to do with gardening but I hope this will make you laugh as much as I did.

My brother-in-law is keen on classical music. He had some vouchers to spend at HMV and asked the assistant there to direct him to ‘Tenors’. The assistant said “There they are sir over there – two for a tenner”.

The store was in an uproar when he left.

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OMG :) lol

13 Aug, 2008


brilliant lol

13 Aug, 2008


lmao brilliant, you couldnt make this stuff up.
my son and daughter were discussing football the other day, he was heading out for training and she asked him was he going to be playing on afro turf lol , she just couldnt understand what we where laughing at.

13 Aug, 2008


A really great story.... thanks for sharing it .I will have a laugh next time I go into a music store!

13 Aug, 2008


How funny thanks for the laugh Sadie

13 Aug, 2008


Good one Sadie

13 Aug, 2008


Ha ha - thanks for that. A while ago I was singing that Keiser Chiefs (sp?) song while I was cooking lunch - the one that goes 'Ruby-Ruby-Ruby-Ruby la-la-la-la-la-la' and my mum says 'Is that song about that footballer?'
(She thought I was singing 'Rooney-Rooney-Rooney-Rooney'). x-D

13 Aug, 2008


Thanks Sadie - it gave me a real chuckle! Especially on the nearly wettest day so far!

13 Aug, 2008


lol sid,

13 Aug, 2008


LOL thats funny 2 Sid :D

13 Aug, 2008


lol brilliant sadie

13 Aug, 2008


:) thanks Sadie... funny. My last look on here before going away for few days has sent me off laughing!

14 Aug, 2008

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