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By sadie


Hi everyone, Have just found this site and cannot keep off it! Great to hear “ordinary” gardeners comments and queries. Can anyone tell me when to sow the seed pods I have saved from cylaman?

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That will depend on which cyclamen it is. If they are ordinary garden ones, my 'bible' says to sow it as soon as it is ripe, in darkness, at 6-12 degrees C. It also mentions soaking the seed in water for at least 10 hours and rinse thoroughly before sowing. Good luck

2 Mar, 2008


Hi Sadie , Welcome to GOY from another GOY addict ! Hope you have a great time here , Happy Gardening !

2 Mar, 2008


Best of luck with your Cyclamen Sadie. GREAT plant. I have a couple as houseplants.

2 Mar, 2008


Hi Sadie and welcome. Hope you succeed with the cyclamen

3 Mar, 2008


Hi Sadie, welcome to the site!

3 Mar, 2008

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