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Hi everyone I’ve not been on here for a while I wonder if anyone can help me ,I’ve got a weed or something growing right in the middle through around the roots of my magnolia it’s only two years old I’ve put some weed killer on the leaves of the weed but am now worrying if it could kill my magnolia as well it’s supposed to just kill the roots of the weed has anyone had this happen to them ?.

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What weedkiller did you use Sally? If its one that uses glyphosate you shouldn't have any problems as it is taken down through the leaves to the roots but doesn't affect other plants it hasn't touched.

24 Mar, 2017


I agree with Steragram, but I think you are tempting fate. I would just pull the weeds up manually. It will give you strong biceps.

25 Mar, 2017


Yes I used glyphosate so I'll just have to hope it only kills the root of the weed but thank you steragram and thank you bathgate as well I did try to get it out but I couldn't I must have weak bicepts lol thank you both x

25 Mar, 2017


You might try snipping or cutting it flush to the ground. If you keep at it continually you will deplete any energy it has in the roots for continued growth and it will die.

25 Mar, 2017


there shouldn't be a problem as glyphosate would penetrate the woody stem of the magnolia and it wont cross the boundary of the weed roots to the magnolia.

25 Mar, 2017


Thats good advice Loosetrife.
Dont suppose it will work for Spanish Bluebells, I have
loads of them to dig up again. I bought some English Bluebells and have put them in a planter well away from
the other lot.

25 Mar, 2017


Cutting off the bluebell leaves every year as they appear will kill them off Diane, as long as you do it early and don't wait until they have had time to feed up the bulbs for next year.

25 Mar, 2017


A. Bit chancy using weedkiller near your wanted plants!

25 Mar, 2017


It was on an empty 4' square area. Will chop off the leaves with the spade Stera, cant bend down because of my back.

28 Mar, 2017

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