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sting bits and you all seemed so friendly I wanted to join so here I am "Hello Everyone" I moved into my house 2 yrs ago, both the front and back gardens were so over grown I didnt even know the bottom of the garden was there behind a wall, I discovered this when I hit it with the sheers :-) lol
As a single mum of 2 money is tight, so in kicked my stubborn streak and stuck in I have got, my front garden at the moment is where it is all going on, I have baby corn 3 types of peppers, pumpkin, lemon thymn, applemint,curled parsley, bay, rosemary, broad leaf tymn, peppermint, lavender, gazelaias (i think thats how its spelt) & these are one of my favs as theey go to sleep if its not sunny.I also have a tomatoe and cant think of the rest in the front at the mo. I built the front fence out of old bed posts and pallets making a dip in it for the wheelie bin to save having to lug it uo the stairs every monday morning :-).
In the back I have some cuttings in pots and some more herbs all in pots, I have put an old tyre up as a swing for my boy, dug a dip to sit the 10" paddling pool in and have made two steps and thhe first level of (cough cough) decking all made with poallets, It is a bit bashed up now from winter and it was my first attempt. I have been reading through the site and found lots of info. If you have any hints tips or brainwaves on what i can do please feel free to leave comments on any of my pics, Thanks :-) x

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