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By sanbaz


Hi everyone
After a long absence I’m back into gardening, mostly due to ill health and bereavement of my mum and eldest son.
It’s been a tough Rd and I’m now trying to get my life and garden back on track.
I can’t do as much but still enjoy being outside and love my little haven.
I’m more wildlife friendly loving my hoggy frogs and birds.
I don’t use any insect poisons or slug as I let nature do that which is doing ok.
I still love painting and will do a blog on that at some point for those who paint.
Anyway hopefully I will pop in more often now.

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You have created a beautiful garden which has a real sense of peace.

I am sorry to read about the sad things that have recently happened but feel sure that the lovely garden you have created will help and comfort you.

Looking forward to seeing your paintings too.

19 Jun, 2019


Good to see you back, Sanbaz, and you have my heartfelt sympathy for your sad losses. We recently lost our younger son, so I know how hard it is. Your garden is looking lovely, and hopefully it is bringing some comfort to you, and that you’re finding painting therapeutic too.

20 Jun, 2019


Sorry to hear of your bad times, it is good you came back after such sad losses. I do hope the garden helps to heal you. You have been missed and I look forward to seeing your gardening efforts once again. Kind regards denise xx

20 Jun, 2019


Glad your back Sandra. Your garden is looking great. xx

20 Jun, 2019


Garden is lovely San, its so good to see you back, you already know how sorry I felt at all the sad events, its so good to see happier posts from you, keep that up San, you're doing well....XX.

20 Jun, 2019


Thankyou all for your welcome and kind comments.
I'm enjoying looking through your gardens again.
I will try to get on as much as I can between work and painting and of course gardening.
Bless u all xxx

20 Jun, 2019


San, thanks for your PM which I shall reply to later. I remember when you and Baz built the pond, some years ago, and you had so much help from Ray (?) on GoY and got it sorted in the end. Garden looks lovely ... :o)) x

20 Jun, 2019


Yes we did get it sorted with help and advice,,, Ray doesn't ring bells though and can't remember who but was grateful at the time Shirley.
Iv come to realise after all that's happened my garden doesn't have to be perfect I just have to feel happy in it which I do ,:) xx

20 Jun, 2019


San, I think Ray was on here as Bonkersbon but he and Jane started up the Ispyabird site. Think that has finished now though.

You are totally right in saying a garden doesn't have to be perfect, it's whatever makes you happy and feel at one with the world.

20 Jun, 2019


Exactly my philosophy San ... imperfection is so much more relaxing!

20 Jun, 2019


Yes your right I remember him and his wife loved birds and wildlife.
His phone was amazing

20 Jun, 2019


It is Sheila:)

20 Jun, 2019


You have a lovely garden,San! It's great to see you back here again! Sorry about the losses you have had in your family but they say gardening does help one to recover.

20 Jun, 2019


I'm sorry to hear of all you've been through but it's nice to see you again Sandra.
Your garden is beautiful :)

20 Jun, 2019


Your little haven as you call it looks so natural and it can't be anything but good for your soul just take care of yourself .

20 Jun, 2019


It's so lovely to see you on here again,and also see your beautiful garden..I remember very well,when you were making your pond,and it looks so mature with all your planting now..and look at that Lawn.! I'm sure you could play Bowls on that.. Lol. I am only participating again,after an absence too..but always feels like we have never been away,with the warm welcome we get on return.I love looking at your paintings ,and your new creations,as well as your garden...:o) xx

20 Jun, 2019


Lovely to have you back. garden looking good too.

24 Jun, 2019


Thankyou to all my friends here for such a nice welcome, it's lovely to hear from u all and appreciate your kind words xxx

24 Jun, 2019


So sorry to hear of your sad losses. Gardening can be such a stressful relief can't it, and yours is looking beautiful x

26 Jun, 2019


Thankyou so much xx

29 Jun, 2019


Hi Sanbaz,
I was looking at your garden and was wondering how you are doing hope you are ok. we miss you on here. best wishes Denise.

9 Apr, 2021

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