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Hi friends
As promised I’m doing a quick blog on my paintings for those you like painting or just looking.
I have a page now on Facebook and have been lucky enough to sell some of my work or been asked to do paintings for friends.
I love acrylics and also trying watercolours though not done many.

It can sometimes be hard to do both the garden and paint and I still work a couple of days but I just do what I can and when I can.
Though if it’s sunny I prefer to be outside lol
Anyway will try to load some photos now.

Well that’s a few haha, some sold or commissioned and some not yet sold.
But I love painting them and it takes me away from some of the stresses of life.
Hope you have enjoyed the glance into my art world.

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Are you still in your painting group? I am so glad you get such a lot out of painting. xx

24 Jun, 2019


Hi Linda
Sadly I won't be going to my Tuesday group, long story but I was getting anxious about going due to the lady you did that particular afternoon.
I can't attend the other days as I work but will keep my art society membership just incase.
But I will happily paint at home xx

24 Jun, 2019


These are great. Favourites are the puffins and the Highland cow, which really gave me a chuckle... It must be lovely to be able to do this!

24 Jun, 2019


I've seen most of them as you know San but that doesn't matter I don't mind having another look, I didn't realise you no longer went to your group, don't blame you though if your not comfortable, my favourite has to be the stag, they're all very good but that one to me has that something special...

24 Jun, 2019


Beautiful paintings. You are very gifted. My fave is the pastel lion. King!

25 Jun, 2019


They are all so good but my favourite is the cow.

25 Jun, 2019


It's lovely to see all these again,San..and I was lucky to watch each stage on your website,as you painted them..Hard to choose a favourite but it's a tie between the Stag,HighlandCow,and the Puffins.. xx

25 Jun, 2019


You are so talented I love the stag and adore the rabbit which i think could be very commercial.

25 Jun, 2019


I love the Penguins, Puffins and the Lion ... you are talented San. I struggle to draw anything let alone paint! ... :o(

25 Jun, 2019


There brilliant San, i've also started water colour painting but been going to lessons i love it , i find it very relaxing. x

25 Jun, 2019


What a talented Lady you are,beautiful paintings,I love them all.

25 Jun, 2019


Not quite sure what gives you the inspiration however your interpretation is brilliant x

25 Jun, 2019


Such lovely colours, my faves the hare and the penguins:-)

26 Jun, 2019


these are wonderful Sandra. I wish I could draw/paint but not got the skills. I make patchwork quilts instead.
like you I find you can lose your self in the techniques colours and textures.
Lion and hare are my favs but they are all lovely.

27 Jun, 2019


What wonderful paintings, Baz! I don't understand much about painting & couldn't draw to save my life but you are great!

The Emperor Penguins are so lifelike - you've captured them very well! As for the Lion, well, I've never seen anything like it before! I loved the different colours you used to create it! Very original!

All the others are great, too! You have a great talent for painting!

29 Jun, 2019


Thankyou all for your comments and favourites it's interesting to see how people go for different paintings.
As tell I love colour lol so guess when I decide on a subject I try to do natural but always end up with colourful unless a commissioned piece.
The highland cow is Karen's(Cottage garden Karen)
I was nervous to say the least as she left me to my own device's.
Thankfully Karen loved it and now he sits happily in Scotland where he belongs.
Have to say the weeding takes a back seat at times haha.
Again thankyou all your very kind :) xxx

29 Jun, 2019


They are excellent Sandra ! It's nice to have a few hobbies ...
Like you I enjoy painting and gardening, and when the weather's nice I'm in the garden, and when it's wet I'm doing my paintings.

30 Jun, 2019


Karen has good taste as I said the cow is my favourite .

30 Jun, 2019


Hywel glad u enjoy painting to its so therapeutic like gardening x

Gerardine thank I've replied to your msg to x

1 Jul, 2019


Sorry I can't answer everyone but thankyou all I do appreciate your comments and enjoy seeing that some like to paint or do other hobbies like quilting xx

1 Jul, 2019


Do you have an online gallery Sandra? Would love to browse your works. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful paintings!!

1 Jul, 2019


Bathgate I have a page on Facebook
Sandra's Artwork
Glad you've enjoyed seeing my paintings x

1 Jul, 2019


Well done, and keep going with your lovely artwork. It's relaxing to paint, and I say paint from the heart, art classes are good, and you can learn about painting and drawing techniques, but express yourself on canvass and be free with the drawing and colours.

1 Jul, 2019


Thanks Linda it was ment to be relaxed social afternoon of painting but the one who did that afternoon treated us like naughty kids it was so stressful couldn't overlook it any longer I dreaded going.
I will keep in touch with friends I made there most have also stopped going.
And your right I paint the way I do because it's me and love colour and the way it makes me feel xx

1 Jul, 2019


Hi San, very talented .... I have to admit my favourites
are the rabbit and lion ... Purely because of the very
bright and cheerful colours. Well done 👍

15 Jul, 2019


Thankyou Allan 😊

4 Aug, 2019


Sorry its taken me so long to catch up San. Lovely to read all the encouraging comments and admiration for Boris Becker! Lol!

10 Aug, 2019


San, a rare visit to GOY nowadays for me and what a wonderful find, your paintings are just brilliant. You have improved so much, the lion is just WOW took my breath away and made me soooo envious of your talent! I'm still painting and loving it but garden has taken a bit of a back seat. I'm delighted to see you're OK. xx

12 Sep, 2019

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