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windy Pembrokeshire


By sandra


well the news was full of wind warnings last weekend and we peaked at around 50 mph…a few things thrown around the garden but as we live on the coast and are used to it being breezy it was nothing out of the ordinary…i know it was much worse down south.

but yesterday was a different story….the wind peaked at around 80 mph…..and boy was it amazing and yet a little frightening to watch….but thankfully we fared very well here at corseside. when i woke this morning curiosity got the better of me, so pjs still on i put my coat on and grabbed the camera….was the tunnel still there?

my path was blocked by the only casualty…this contorted willow had been rocked out of the ground…

YES>>>>its still there..and boy was i please to see our faithful tunnel still standing..:-)

the eucalyptus that was being battered all day yesterday is still there…very surprised.

and even our biggest most exposed tree stood storm in the onslaught…but this coastal pine we fear has its days numbered….it used to be a gang of 4 then there was one….but for now we love it..

so please all the other trees survived too..its still blowing a hooley out there but compared to yesterday its a beautiful day..

thanks for reading…:-)

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Oh my goodness Sandra ... the power of Nature is amazing! So pleased your tunnel is still in one piece ... one on our allotments has lost the cover but the frame is still in place! If the coastal pine had fallen, it looks as though the power line would have snapped too. Keep safe ... I love your photos of the rough sea ... :o)

3 Nov, 2013


so ad you didn't lose much. sad about the willow though. I miss the sea so I enjoyed seeing the photos of the 'white horses'.

3 Nov, 2013


Oh crumbs thank goodness it didn't take anything down with it Sandra, nothing one can do when its blowing a gale like that other than ride it out and assess the damage later,relieved to see your tunnel is ok...

3 Nov, 2013


We had a four hour power cut in Camrose Sandra - interesting cooking by candlelight, and we were so glad we have bottled gas! And the potted bay tree fell part way off its stand - that's never happened before as its very heavy. Your remaining pine is beautiful against that wild sky! The sea at Newgale yesterday was amazing, and foam blowing over the road in lumps, but it was too wild to get out of the car for a proper look! What a huge relief that your tunnel survived - you must have been worried to death! Losing the willow is very sad - time to test whether a cutting from a corkscrew will come true and grow as fast as normal willow?

3 Nov, 2013


I'm pleased there was no more damage Sandra. It was a bit wild here too, but everything is all right thank goodness.
I love your views ! And that Pine tree is very majestic. I hope you can keep it for a while yet.

3 Nov, 2013


thanks guys..always a relief to see the tunnel is there after a storm.
sorry to hear about your cover Shirley, hope you get it on again soon.
glad you survived too Snoop.
i love watching the sea through the binoculars Sbg. always changing...
Lincs we just watched through the window,way to dangerous to go out there.
Romantic candlelit evening then Stera. we drove the coast road to Laugharne to hear our daughter sing today. There were pebbles all over the road in Amroth the sea must have been very rough. Saundersfoot looked untouched but Pendine had lost a couple of trees.
I love the pine Hywel. It is outside my living room window, I love to watch the birds sitting in it. Not sure how long it has though because as Shirley pointed out it is very near a power line. But on the bright side my mam collected many of its seeds and we have lots of baby pines on the go.

3 Nov, 2013


Very sad to see a tree down. You have so many beautiful ones. We had wind here all day yesterday until this morning it was still at it. Yesterday I was transferring a lot of plants from the back garden to the front, I kept waking up last night to see if they were still standing, they were rocking about like mad, but to my surprise they were still standing this morning. Phew, today we had light wind, showers and sunshine all mixed in, I just wanted to get on with planting, all is calm this pm, and I hope it stays like this for a while until my plants get settled in.

3 Nov, 2013


good plan moving your plants Michaella...i did brave it once or twice to pick up rolling plant pots from around the nursery. should calm down tomorrow then i can stand up the rows of griselinia that were blown over in their pots, but i will put them together in crates for the winter. so fingers crossed for some nice weather to finaly get some gardening done...

3 Nov, 2013


Glad you survived Sandra. A garden is one thing, but a business and livelihood is another

3 Nov, 2013


thanks andrew..suns out this morning.time to stand some plants up again....:-)

4 Nov, 2013

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