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Big thank you to all at grows on you


By sandra


This week I had cause to find a photo I took a few years ago..I searched my computer….camera…facebook…but I could not locate the picture…then I turned to grows on you. I spent the evening looking at my pics from the beginning…wow….so many pics.

It was 2008 when I first came across this great site. In those years I have made many new friends who have shared so much knowledge with me, inspired me with their gardens, made me smile and sometimes weep when they have shared their personal moments. I have also recieved so much encouragement and support from soo many for which I am eternally great full.

I found so many pics of my garden developing over the years.

These were taken when I teamed up with friends to do a display. I had forgotten about that..

Amazing one off displays of seeds sown by nature!!!!!

The changing reflection in the mirror…sadly revealing three pines have become one….

Spot the monkey puzzle….

But Our monkey puzzle is now ten foot tall….and it was lovely yo find its baby pic…

I now realise the importance of GOY and wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who makes this site soooo good.

Blodwyniatum alba…lol


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Sandra,I have been doing the same recently..we must be 'in tune' with each other ! :o)It's lovely to look back to how our gardens have matured over the years,isn't it? both the successes and failures ! I have also been looking at Favourite blogs,members and photo's which brought many memories back too,some very sad,remembering past friends on GoY,and the really happy ones,with lots of laughter..not always garden related ! :o)..I echo your sentiments exactly,it's a history of a part of our lives,and one I wouldn't want to be without..A lot of us joined around the same time..2008,so we have lots to look back on with affection..Thanks for sharing yours,and have a very Happy Christmas with your Family..from another Sandra :o) xxx

18 Dec, 2014


Lovely pictures Sandra.....especially the bottom one!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

18 Dec, 2014


I think I came to the party in 2009 to ask a question never realising
the affect it would have on my life, lovely friends who are always there and as you say such fun......remember those blogs that ran and ran until they wouldn't load any more......the burnt dinners!
and the sad times we are nearly in 2015,

? happy christmas?

and happy new gardening year Goy??????

18 Dec, 2014


Yes, walking through the door and out into my garden I found that I was really going in. In the garden there is no fear and worries evaporate in the sun. Sad eyes are dazzled by beauty and color. I do not see you but I feel strongly connected to you all by that one thread that goes through all in their gardens, love of nature.

18 Dec, 2014


I too joined in 2008, at the time I was going through a very stressful time worrying about my mum and dad, dreading the phone ringing,( sadly both gone now) spent many a sleepless night driving myself stupid, Goy gave me something to occupy my mind and over the years I too feel like I've gained a lot of friends as well as picking up gardening tips, knowledge in abundance, I've also picked up a lot of computer and photography skills from these pages as often the instruction books just confused me whereas our members talk in a language we can all understand, lol.... travelled the world from my armchair and shared good times and bad over the years, long may it continue...
I've enjoyed your trip down memory lane Sandra and hope to continue sharing with you for many years to come, even if its pinching some of your ideas, lol.....
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your Family...xx

18 Dec, 2014


Sandra the blogs are next on my list..

Thanks Paul...

Burnt dinners here too Pam

Loosestrife. I would never had believed we could all feel so connected with "strangers" !!!!

Lincs GOY got me through a few sleepless nights and my geography has improved emencly with many new friends across the world.

18 Dec, 2014


What more is there to say! I'd be lost without Goy and like you all I've learned such a lot - it is fantastic to know that whatever problem we have there will usually be someone with the solution. Being able to PM a perfect stranger who suddenly becomes a friend is amazing. I feel quite envious of those who live near another goyer too - your blogs on days out are great.
Sandra you garden is amazing and very unusual. I liked the second pic best. A favourite though is one you didn't put on this blog - the lovely wedding in the woods!
One of these days I'm going to make the effort to turn up at the nursery.
We did meet once in Narberth at the plant fair but it was when you mother was ill and you were very preoccupied I think.

18 Dec, 2014


Hello! Hello! from across the pond. Enjoyed this very much. I've had occasion to go down memory lane. Have two gardens to look back on.
Blodwyniatum alba is so cute. I think you have a million seller there!
GOY is a constant joy! It's great to log on and see pics of other parts of the world. My concept of distance surely has changed... someone is over in Wales, Scotland, UK and France and someone else is up in Alaska...and someone else is in Australia or NZ and we're just a click away...and we all speak the same language...Botanicalese.
Thanks Sandra enjoyed this blog a lot!

18 Dec, 2014


Thanks Stera it would be lovely to met again but this time fot a sit down and a you say I was preoccupied..

Lori trying to explain to non GOYers the excitement waiting for the big melt in your new garden..?

18 Dec, 2014


Its a pleasure for me too Lori when our "cousins" tell of the different growing conditions and life in other parts of the world.
I don't got to any other internet sites, .......Goys special, well the people are xxx

18 Dec, 2014


I agree Sandra. It's a wonderful site to belong to.
We both joined about the same time (except that I had a different user name in those days)
I've enjoyed seeing your succulents and views of Corside ... not forgetting your dogs, and sharing important family events - both happy and sad.
My Japonicas that you sent me are still doing well, and remind me of your kindness every time I look at them :o)
Here's to many more years of GoY :) x

18 Dec, 2014


I agree Sandra, I don't know what I would do without my fix of GoY every day....and like Pam, I don't belong or use any other sites or forums, only GoY as it is very special. I've loved looking at your pics, and the last one with tiny Blodwyn in, isn't she adorable!!

18 Dec, 2014


I meant Cryptomerias lol :D

18 Dec, 2014


I have learnt so much about cacti from you Hywel and always enjoyed your blogs and pics too. Which is one of the reasons for this blog I just wanted to say thank you. Be careful of the cryptomeria!!!! I didn't realise it grew soooo big....

Janey the benefits of winter when you run a small nursery like mine is I get chance to catch up with GOY. I do go on facebook but this is my only gardening site. Why go elsewhere when we have Grows On You...:-)

19 Dec, 2014


I couldn't agree more. I have been a member since 2009 and learnt so much and hopefully shared some knowledge. It has been a sanctuary when times got tough and a wonderful place to share the joys of the family achievements.

19 Dec, 2014


I joined in 2011 so compared to some members, I'm a relative 'newby' but I also feel as if I have friends all over the world, some who are extra special (you know who you are). I've share good times and some not so good, safe in the knowledge that my friends are right there with me.
I've learnt so much and passed on knowledge...occasionally. I'm also on another social network site, but I wouldn't be without my GoY friends for all the tea in China. I love 'walking' round other people's gardens as well as hearing all their news.
I've no idea who originally started the GoY site, but I'm so glad they did. Thanks for your Blog Sandra I hope the pain of your recent loss eases soon.

19 Dec, 2014


Haven't seen anything from Peter and AJ recently. They were always the ones I went to for help if I needed it. Are they still administering the site? Does anyone know?

20 Dec, 2014



I feel the same way you feel about GoY. It's amazing to see the transitions in many gardens through the years. I've seen many changes in my garden, also. I can't believe it's been so long since I've been on GoY, also (since Sept. 2008).

Have a terrific Holiday Season! :>)

21 Dec, 2014


Their accounts are still open Lori but not heard from either of them for a long while so don't know, without them we would not have this site to enjoy....

21 Dec, 2014


I discovered GoY when I first got a home computer back in 2010 and was looking up a new plant ... the rest is history as they say! Like Hywel, I had a different username back then. I have sent and received some lovely plants/seeds/bulbs via other members ... have seen gardens from around the world and met up with a couple of members too. The friendliness of the folk on here is wonderful ... it's like having modern day pen-friends. :o)))

22 Dec, 2014


As usual found this one a bit late, but thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your trials and tribulations Sandra, so pleased you found the photographs , useful to know that are always there should we need them.....and yes it is a fantastic site....

14 Jan, 2015


I meant to say how I like your picture of the Echiums! giants of plants... I have it's little cousin...Echium vulgare. it only grows to about 2 ft. but it is the most handsome blue!

16 Jan, 2015


I would love to grow Echiums.

18 Jan, 2015


Thanks Dd2 the echium are hanging on so far... fingers crossed they survive.
Lori I have grown that one in the past too. There are a few other varieties I'd like to try.

19 Jan, 2015

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