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By sandra


The wait is killing me… I want to get the seeds in but I know I have to wait a while yet.

Although OH has his onion seeds in but giant onions have to go in extra early. They are lingering on the bedroom window sill and need to be upgraded ASAP.

As you can see they are leaning to the light already.

The day started sunny but frosty so into the tunnel I went.
With all the muck and soil now in place it’s time to get the seed chamber built. First job was to find the necessary building materials. This usually means hours of frustration looking for tools and equipment but today for a change everything seemed to be where it should be…

I rolled out a length of ground cover and moved some boards onto the bed for the base of the chamber.

I borrowed a lovely drill screwdriver to fix the plastic to the frames it worked a treat. The stability was touch and go at this point… a bit like ikea cupboards!!!! but with the use of a few props and a bit of luck the whole thing was done by tea time.

Those poor onions can go in here tomorrow but i will bring them back indoors at night till the heater is on.

Tomorrow I have to find and clean the heater, sort out and wash some seed trays. OH is off work this weekend and we will start sowing the tomatoes now there is somewhere for them to go.

After all that effort i have just been on line and ordered even more seeds. Banana and Ensete are the latest acquisition. Any tips on these would be good as they are new to me in seed form.

Thanks for reading..:-)

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no time to waste at this time of year Snoop. tunnels are amazing in the wind..this one has survived 93.4 MPH..we have lost 2 greenhouses over the years. hope i haven't jinxed it now

22 Jan, 2015


My word you can turn your hand to most things Sandra.....have never grown Bananas or Ensete from seed......I do believe Ensete is fairly easy though, good luck, I buy the plugs from eBay!

22 Jan, 2015


Thats a good tip about the polytunnel. Often which I had bought one instead of the greenhouse. More space.

23 Jan, 2015


oh dear Snoop...ours has 3" tube steel frame which is the strongest we could find...but the most important part is getting the plastic very tight over the frame. we dug a trench along both sides laid the plastic in the trench and the back filled which helps pull the plastic as tight as a drum. our tunnels weak points are the two ends. the plastic has been on for 5 winters now but sooner or later we will have to replace the plastic.

23 Jan, 2015


Sandra your blog is brilliant, and so is your Pollytunnel. With all the work and effort you deserve a lot of success with your growing. Best of luck with it Santra.

23 Jan, 2015


You have been working hard Sandra. You're really going to have head start with your seeds. I don't usually sow tomato seed until about the beginning of May but you've got me wondering if I could start now. My little lean to greenhouse is glazed with polycarbonate sheets. So far it's for the last two years, it has managed to withstand all the gales and it certainly wasn't expensive I can tell you, being a Yorkshire lass I don't part with my money too easily lol!

23 Jan, 2015


Wow Sandra you are on the ball - I have some onion sets to start off in the greenhouse - that is my job -OH takes over the next stage and plants them out in the allotment - and I have repotted most of my flamboyant begonias - only lost 3 so far to the grub - so well pleased there !!

23 Jan, 2015


Thanks Johnjoe

Waddy our toms will be set by the end of next week but we will be heating them for the first 8-12 weeks as well as covering the frame in the tunnel with old duvets and tarpaulin every night. We do this to get a head start at the markets with the plants. I couldn't wait till May....but we do live in a very mild part of the country.

Jane well done on the should see my OH do the planting...I'm not aloud either...string line, tape measure...OCD at its best..but they do look good when he has finished.

23 Jan, 2015


Did I say May? Ooops! I actually meant March But I take my hat off to your dedication nevertheless.

23 Jan, 2015


Very impressive Sandra. You poly certialy did well to survive the latest wind - shows how it pays to get the best if you can. Which markets do you plan to sell at?

23 Jan, 2015


It's brilliant Sandra. Good luck with your seeds :o)

25 Jan, 2015


we were impressed too Stera.. I have spent the last few days in there out of the cold so nice to be potting things on again.. I will be at Carew most Sundays through out the season plus the usual plant sales.

Thanks Hywel good luck to you too. :-)

25 Jan, 2015


Thanks. I need it lol ...

25 Jan, 2015


I think thats what makes it exciting Hywel...will they wont they survive...:-)

25 Jan, 2015


Yes, and sometimes I get annoyed when they don't ;D

25 Jan, 2015


Well done're better at DIY than me, that's for sure.
And, isn't it always the case every year....itching to get our seeds in.Although, not me this year as nowhere to grow them yet and no veg patch/borders to plant in.But, a year off seed sowing won't do me any harm!

26 Jan, 2015

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