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Sometimes crazy plans work!


By sandra


Back in 2009 we had take down an old brick and block shed to make way for a new one. All the rubble was dumped at the top of the field along with other “treasure” we didn’t know what to do with. We decided to build a bench and a little fire pit. Over the next 3 years this is what we made. I did a blog on it a while back but it has developed since then…Many thanks to Noseypotter for his inspiration and advice.

First gather a load of rubble

Then you will need some old van seats

and cover with an old wind shredded fruit net

Rope in helpers and cover the whole thing in a mix of mud stone and sand

OK time to get serious!!!

We added layer after layer of mud till we liked the shape

I had a go at forming a head not bad for a first one else agreed…lol

Around the back we added more old blocks and bricks held together with more mud mix, creating a raised bed like structure which we planted with shrubs to help to give shelter from the wind. And added a trampoline frame..not sure who came up with this part of the plan but I love it.

OH took over the head making..

Then we added a final coat of render

Now for the fire pit.

I think OH went a bit OTT with the

and enjoy..

The moss soon began to grow

As did the shrubs

Only took 3 years and a lot of help from a lot of people.

Thanks for reading..:-)

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Its Wonderful! Noseypotter will be very very proud of you!
I'm definitely coming to have a look now.

27 Jan, 2015


Oh WoW! I Dig It! Gimme Shelter! It's got that Turn On, Tune in, Drop Out, 1960's Hippie commune feel to it. All that's needed is Guru, Hippie VW bus parked nearby and......well, the other necessities....those who were in their prime in the 60's would know what they were.

28 Jan, 2015


Amazing ! I liked the Wembley Stadium addition.

28 Jan, 2015


Sue you will have to let me know if you plan a visit to make sure i am in so i can show you around.

Snoop and LS2 I am more a skippy than a hippy..i blame the wombles for everything!!!

Diane i had never seen the connection before..ha ha ha

28 Jan, 2015


that is brill Sandra. Send NP a message so he knows to come and look at your blog. it has quickly 'aged' to blend in. well done.

28 Jan, 2015


Don't blame the wombles... As far as making " good use of bad rubbish" I think that this is a great motto when applied in both material and in other ways.

28 Jan, 2015


Good idea SBG...just sent him a message.

I cant through anything out shed has turned into the family recycling centre....:-)

28 Jan, 2015


Hi Sandra .. fascinating .... added to GoYpedia :o)

28 Jan, 2015


wow looking good I love it Sandra looks brilliant . you've inspired me now lol x . really you have . ill show you when im done .

28 Jan, 2015


He has blended in well Sandra, I remember you working on it and looking back to the start couldn't in those days picture the whole scene but I'm very impressed with how its turned out, I bet you have some grand times with your family and friends around that firepit, do I sound envious, well that's cos I am, Lol....

28 Jan, 2015


Thanks Terra...under what heading?

noseypotter I can't wait for your next project. I have been looking at cement and fabric sculpture. That's our next plan. aNd thanks you so much for your inspiration

Lincs I don't think any of us though it would turn out like this...I think about twenty of us had an input over the years and we all had our own ideas of where it was

28 Jan, 2015


your more than welcome Sandra . quit often I have an idea but as I make the thing it morphs into something different that's the beauty of it I think . love the way it fits in with the tepogrophy of the area . it looks great .

28 Jan, 2015


Brilliant enjoy it !

28 Jan, 2015


I remember you making that Sandra ! It's improved with age :o)

29 Jan, 2015


My goodness Sandra that's a super place to sit out on a summer day/evening I only wish I'd room for something so grand. I love the way it's blended in with the growth of moss etc. Well done!

29 Jan, 2015


Is creating things as we go along a feminine trait ?

I just plant up my garden as I go along. Must reform and make a proper plan this year.

1 Feb, 2015


I doubt that doing things Ad-Hoc is gender based.

1 Feb, 2015


me either though age has taught me planning is everything . some people want things now wear a planned garden can take a few years .

1 Feb, 2015


I plan many things I never do ... I do love the planning process, but like you said NP I also love changing the plan because someone comes up with an idea along the way that just works...

1 Feb, 2015


I put a blog up inspired by your good self Sandra I just couldn't remember your name sorry lol . as my nan used to say 2 heads are better than one even if they are sheeps heads lol . love your seats . ive been racking my single brain cell wondering what to build and then I sore this . I look at your seat and imagine another half circle behind that with a big half moon pond but from the seats make it look like the outer edge disappears into the sky .

1 Feb, 2015

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