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Tender succulents surviving a Welsh far!!!


By sandra


“Are they hardy?” people ask me when I am at the markets with my succulents…and I always say no….but here on the west coast of Pembrokeshire, although very exposed and windy the wind tends to keep the worst of the frost away. This allows me to push my succulents to their limit most winters. The ones that survive usually go on to flower much better than the ones that spend the winter in my polytunnel.

Today in a brief hour of sunshine I ventured out to see how they are doing so far this winter.

I try to make sure each plant gets the sun early in the morning so that any frost is gone asap…the aeoniums don’t like the frost but these have coped with temps around -4 so far this winter.

The ones that are more likely to collect water in their crown I like to tip onto their sides and face them to the south.

This one is tucked away in a sunny corner which is sheltered from most of the rain, finding the right position is soo important.

These baskets are an experiment…keeping plants off the ground is another way of protecting them.

This is one I did intend to move as I thought it would be in the shade..and am amazed it’s looking so good.

Lampranthus is another plant that can cope with a little frost.

Even found a few in flower…the ones that stay outside get woodier tougher stronger stems and always flower better.

Remember the giant croc I bought at a boot sale last summer?

WARNING!!!! I always keep cuttings of everything inside as an insurance policy in case we have a nasty winter. When we have had snow I am out there with large pots and fleece to give them a higher chance of survival, and occasionally when we have a bad winter my losses are high. But I think its worth the risk.

Of course all my stock plants are tucked up in the tunnel till April.

Hope you enjoyed the pics..:-)

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You've got a fantastic variety of them Sandra(just a well, I suppose as you rely on selling the, for income)
I saw a garden with 3 or 4 different succulents in pots this afternoon when walking Paddy.They were covered in snow.....I don't know if they'll take too much of that!,

30 Jan, 2015


when we have had snow mine certainly didn't like interesting to see how they do...

30 Jan, 2015


My goodness Sandra I'd no idea succulents could survive our winters without lots of TLC. I shall perhaps not be so afraid to have them in future.

30 Jan, 2015


Its about keeping them dryish and protected from the harsh cold. I love the fact that if you find the right place for them they look after themselves...but it is milder where I live so be careful...

30 Jan, 2015


Its amazing all the same. Did you lose a lot a couple of years ago when it went down to -10 one night?

Your tunnel of stock plants is very impressive!

30 Jan, 2015


Thanks I do enjoy them...

I did loose loads about 6 years ago was below freezing for over a week...we filled the house to save as many as we could even an old van was used as a greenhouse...sheets tied one the corners like old mens hanky hats all over the garden protecting big pants we couldn't move. It was a big learning curve, but back then we didn't have the tunnel...we are better prepared now. Hopefully we are over the worst for this year.

30 Jan, 2015


Thanks for the tip to put the pots on their sides to give maximum drainage I am off out now to see if I can tip any pots over - I have one by the front door in a pot that I love it has bright pink daisy like flowers not sure of the name - but it usually survives the winter -

31 Jan, 2015


take a pic Jane so we can see it...

31 Jan, 2015


You've got some lovely Aeoniums. I hope they come through the winter.
I'm not risking mine outside. It's colder here than where you live ...
No snow though :o)

31 Jan, 2015


Sandra they are all looking very healthy for you thats the main thing, although we have a fare way to go yet before one can really breathe easy and say everything is ok and made it through the winter, you do have a lot to look after.....

31 Jan, 2015


covers are on inside the tunnel tonight just in case. our forecast is around 3 degrees but we do have a heater standing by in case it gets colder.

31 Jan, 2015


Love the pics Sandra!

1 Feb, 2015

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