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Valentines day massacre of anther wild corner!!


By sandra


With hubby working on valentines day i decided to tackle another wild corner… Brambles are the main problem here they are entwined in every plant. I armed myself with the tools for the job and got stuck in!!!

I did the easy half on Thursday and the mulched under the trees. This corner is dominated by the dogwood and acanthus I love both plants but the dogwood was beginning to take over. I use the dogwood in my weaving and it does it good to be chopped back hard at this time of year.

As the dogwood has been untamed for 4 or 5 years the saw was the weapon of choice and it came away easily. Then i snipped away at the brambles with my secateurs and cleared away as much as i could. The dog wood has spread about ten foot up the bank and now its on its way south. In the last picture the dog wood thats left has rooted itself up the bank. Hopefully it will regrow nice straight lengths for weaving with in the autumn.

Then I followed the garden around the corner and carried on with the attack on the brambles..this time i brought in the heavy artillery in the shape of a petrol hedge trimmer.

It wasn’t long before the hedge trimmer was victorious…still have to get the ones at the top.

It all looks so bare now, but this allow hidden gems to shine…
Like this eucalyptus which is now leaning on the bank

and this cordyline is going to join it soon. :-)

I was blessed this week when youngest son Jack decided to use some of the skills he learnt on a land management course and started laying an old blackthorn hedge. I don’t know much about it but it looks good to me..

He says he’s going to do some more tomorrow..:-)

thanks for reading…

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Brutal...that's what u are!!
And you have far too much energy,Sandra, you make me feel tired!!!
Well done!!

14 Feb, 2015


Really enjoyed your blog :0)

14 Feb, 2015


Brutal is a word thats been used before but it needed it. And believe me it will all regrow...

glad u enjoyed it Sue..:-)

14 Feb, 2015


Goodness you do have some work to do, I do not know where you get your energy from Sandra, well done, looks better already...

14 Feb, 2015


not sure where my energy has gone this morning

15 Feb, 2015


i have been happily married for 24 years Snoop..he don't do slushy stuff and was working...but i have learnt and bought myself flowers and shared my daughters huge box of chocs..i did get a card though..:-)

15 Feb, 2015


You had a nice day for it. I'm glad you were able to get so much done.
It's nice to see a hedge laid properly. They've done some around here. They look horrible when they're just chopped by a machine.

15 Feb, 2015


It was a lovely day Hywel and I have had a lovely bonfire burning all day today which is always a bonus.. I am so impressed with what Jack has done so far..

15 Feb, 2015


This looks too much like hard work Sandra.

15 Feb, 2015


Well done Sandra,& Jack, keep at it. Looking forward to see it cleaned up and relandscaped.

15 Feb, 2015


Blimey Sandra remind me never to upset you won't you?

I'm usually the same when it comes to Valentine's Day, we don't do the slushy stuff either.
Jack has done a great job. No slacking now you two!

15 Feb, 2015


I got Jack and a few of his mates to do some more before we watched the rugby...I take advantage when ever i

15 Feb, 2015


Atta girl lol!

15 Feb, 2015


Thank goodness for the petrol trimmer, that looks a tough area to tackle and being up a bank it can't have been easy, brambles always seem to fight back so I guess it won't take long before they all spring back again.
Your Jack is doing a grand job laying the hedge, they do that around the lanes in Rutland and it looks so neat and tidy, keeps the hedge strong and filled in without a lot of gaps at the bottom.....

16 Feb, 2015


Brambles are the big problem here too, that and Chinese privet - cut them, burn them, poison them and they keep coming back. They're our native dewberries and they are awful, even though the birds love them! I've become trapped in those brambles trying to get the dogs in and it's funny but it isn't, they cling to clothes and shoes and they won't let go no matter how hard I try to get away!

16 Feb, 2015


i can only manage the hedge trimmer for 5 or 10 mins at a time but boy can i do some damage!!! each time i clear the area there is more of what i want to grow and less of what i dont want..the dogwood, senecio and pampas are doing a fine job of taking on the brambles..

Lauram or brambles give us loads of lovely blackberrys..but there are enough of them in the fields around the farm. darnt wear wooly jumpers when dealing with them..stick to everything...

16 Feb, 2015

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