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By sandra


A few years back we were given a load of scaffolding poles…we have used them for all sorts of things but now they have found their final (for now) position….

As we live on the west coast of Pembrokeshire we get so much wind which is so damaging to some of our plants. So we have covered the scaffold in fishing net we have dragged up off the beach which instantly cuts the wind and offers a little shade in our south facing garden. The CAGE as it has become known as is outside our big shed and we have been having fun collecting stuff from around Corseside to decorate it…

As there is no soil we have use a couple of old baths filled with shade loving ferns we have dug up from around the garden.

Julian painting the scaffold bars..not sure i aprove of the colour…but it was all he had!

As most of you know i am a recycling junkie….so what could i find to hang off my new structure?

This glass light fitting was given to me many years ago by an aunty. I have treasured it but never found the right place to put it. The way it picks up the light is amazing! We have used an old bike chain to hang it and the weight of the chain will help it to defy the wind in winter…hopefully!!

Having search my shed and my brothers I have come up with various old chains I just need to find things to hang from them now.

So attention has turned from the ceiling to the walls now. The paint on the shed walls was cracking and peeling so we mixed all the left over paint from an inside job and came up with this colour. We gathered wall art from the house and around the garden I also bought the butterfly for Julian as an early 25th anniversary present.

Then a stainless steel shelf we have had for years was added

My collection of glass paper weights should be fine there with the added bonus of NO MORE DUSTING!

We have planted Jasmine Honeysuckle and clematis around the base of the netting so in time the whole thing will hopefully have a coating of greenery and flowers.

Still lots to do but we will have fun doing it…

The latest add is an old mirror I acquired recently while helping my sister move house.

Still need to sort out some seating but we are very please with it so far. What do you think?

Thanks for reading…Sandra

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Fab... added to GoYpedia !

20 Sep, 2015


love the recycling job well done!! hope it all holds up in that windy area. Love it all :O)

20 Sep, 2015


Thank Terra...
Oliveoil we are hopeing the net and the heavy chains will help to slow the wind effect down. Fingers crossed

20 Sep, 2015


Well done the shelf with the paperweights,and the wall art..but most of all ,I love your little dog,who looks as though he/she is wondering what the heck you are doing ! Lol.It will be great when the foliage gets going :o)

20 Sep, 2015


Wow Sandra, you are so ingenious - that's got be one of a kind! My favourite thing is the little pig - what is his snout made of? It will be interesting to see how much of a windbreak the netting proves to be - please do report later when its been tested by a Pembrokeshire autumn?

20 Sep, 2015


You're always so busy makes me tired just looking at everything in your garden!
Some great ideas and features!

20 Sep, 2015


Bloomer don't be fooled by that cute face...Blodwyn is hunting the cats..she never catches them..and it will be interesting to see if ANY foliage comes...most climbers don't like our sea breeze.

Stera the little pig has a steel curled around it to form its shape and snout with a big silver ball as its body and marbles for eyes. It was a lovely present some years back and now its joined the no more dusting gang!

Thanks Paul but it's mostly OH that does the donkey work and I come in at the end with the pretty bits..:-)

21 Sep, 2015


Well he's just great - oink!
Forgot to admire the fan with the fern in front too.

21 Sep, 2015


Absolutely fabulous. I love recycling, but in a small way.
Never thought before about climbers who would stand the sea breeze ? Can only think of Ivy in a planter base.
It has very thick stems.
If the items do get dusty, a packet of 'Mucky Pup' wipes (50p from Wilkinsons) - one would clean dust off in 10 minutes. Put the dirty ones in a poly bag, and into the wheelie bin ! I buy them 10 packets at a time and use around my flat daily. Easier when one is disabled.

Carry on recycling Sandra, and inspire us all to do the same.

22 Sep, 2015


Ingenious recycling and so original. Great

23 Sep, 2015


Such innovation Sandra, clever :)

24 Sep, 2015


I think it looks great, I love re-cycled bits around the garden but OH is not so keen, so I have to sneak a few in till he gets used to them - then add a few more!
I can't believe that throwing together all the odd paint came up with that wonderful colour - how come mine always turns out mud coloured?
Chains are great - I have a really, really, large link, heavy one, now all I need it a building/wall/tree strong enough to support it, so I can weave a plant around and through it - sort of arty like!

24 Sep, 2015


thanks....we have sorted out some temporary seating from scaffold planks and patio slabs. It will do for now. Had a BBQ there on the it when a plan works..

6 Oct, 2015


Its certainly different Sandra but from what I've watched all of you create over the years I just know its going to work for you, I really like all the arty added bits, you have the knack of making all your recycled collectibles fit, I hope you do find some greenery that will grow for you but if not I know something else will no doubt appear in the future....I love it..

8 Oct, 2015


Thanks Lincs..I am soo looking forward to it greening over....the honeysuckle and jasmine look very happy at the moment and i have high hopes for the clematis...friends and family have been arriving with all sorts of junk to hang. busy at the moment bringing all my babies in for winter but looking forward to adding treasures to the frame.

8 Oct, 2015

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