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recycling our beach finds.


By sandra


After a trip to the beach yesterday I settled into the tunnel to see what I had brought home..We left the red sack full of litter by the bin and it will be collected by the council.

I get so excited when I find a bouy or a good bit of net….but the green buoy had a hefty bit of mackerel line which was covered in hooks! it took me about an hour to untangle everything and see what I had found.

over 30 barbed fishing hooks.

not sure what to do with these!

but I do like all these shiny bits

there was yards and yards of the plastic line.

but at last the buoy was free along with ten meters of 1/2 inch black rope and this giant safety pin on the end.

I also came home with pockets full of string and a lovely black crate

but what to do with it all…
well the reason we went to the beach was to give youngest Lilly time to settle in with her new baby Myla with out us poking our noses in. Rosie took some things home with her as she is creating a time casual to bury on Mylas first birthday. so I set about trying to make something with some of this rubbish…

I thought maybe something to hang in a tree for her to look at…and came up with this..

put it on a gate just while I think what to do with it when i notice it’s an M for Myla…lol

I have a few more bits to add to it and then i will find some where for it to move on the wind.

the black crate has been lined, filled with compost and has pine tree seeds collected in the woods last week sown so she can have her own forest…lol

as for the lovely yellow net..thats been earmarked for Mylas first hammock swing when the warmer weather comes, and maybe my fishing line “M” could hang above it…

The net also came in handy for a picture frame today when Lilly and Olly brought Myla to see where Granny hides out…

The little family are all doing well..:-)

PS there is a beach clean on the 23rd of January if anyone is interested…or maybe find a beach clean near

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Lovely blog & very inventive with what you do with it. The hooks are a bit of a worry. I also live near a beach & some of the stuff washing up so dangerous to children & dogs

7 Jan, 2016


thanks Pam the rubbish causes so much harm to wild life!!
but i do enjoy making things with it..

8 Jan, 2016


Those hooks look lethal Sandra, love looking at your projects, great to see the youngsters and baby Myla...

8 Jan, 2016


Make sure you are up to date with your tetanus booster shot and wear gloves(I know that you did not or else you could not have untangled that stuff). For anyone else who would also like to perform this great public service I would suggest purchasing an reacher grabber tool to safely pick up this garbage instead of using your GLOVED hands. You will find these for purchase at most pharmacies as a handicap or geriatric aid. Where I live we had medical waste handlers and in one case a local dentist illegally dumping their medical waste into the ocean and hypo syringes with and without needles and fem hygiene items were washing up on shore tangled up in the other junk. Children were seen playing with this stuff...some were seen blowing into the hypos and and tampon inserts as if they were whistles. This illegal practice was stopped and those involved were put to justice. Sorry for the description of what the children were doing but even though this type of jetsam lying on the beach may look attractive keep in mind that any man made items should be considered and handled as contaminated waste NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. Do collect this and clean the environment but handle it safely and see that it will be properly disposed of.

9 Jan, 2016


Great you have been quick with your re-cycling projects, good to see some use being put back into your finds. Maybe use the hooks for hanging baskets or plant pots holders. Nice picture of the happy family, enjoy xxxx

9 Jan, 2016


Good advice LS...
I think the hooks will end up in the bin...they are just too nasty to reuse.

a friend of mine is heavily involved with cleaning the beach. She and many others like her not only collect but log everything they find. Its amazing how between them they can identify a huge percentage of what they find. Jen has found lobster tags from new york, alaska and norway...she can track the life of a fishing buoy down to the exact fisherman sometimes, and give you the date on a smartie lid in seconds. I find it all so interesting..this is her facebook page if you want to know more.

9 Jan, 2016


Yes there is a beach near where I live that is well known by collectors of Native American arrowheads and beautiful pieces of driftwood which can be used to make all sorts of things. thank you for the contact....Best Regards: L

9 Jan, 2016


How lovely to make something of your own for Myla :) I wonder if she'll take after you Sandra ...

11 Jan, 2016


Thank you Hywel... I will have her gardening as soon as I can...?

12 Jan, 2016



12 Jan, 2016

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