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January succulents in my garden in Pembrokeshire...


By sandra


My winter has been wet wet wet….but at least the temps are way above average and my succulents outside are loving life.

This aeonium has been outside for two years now I am amazed at how it has coped…

this one is tucked in between some old slates…I think the black helps to keep it warmer..

I love to risk a few outside as they grow so much bigger…but I have found they do better in well drained pots than in the ground.

Even the echiums are looking good….should have flowers this year surely!!!

I am just hoping the frost continues to stays away…

Sometimes the plants get soo big I can’t move them…this one is just too big now….so this year it will be placed in the garden so it can root through into the ground ..hopefully

I have picked this pic up off the internet this morning from north Carolina!..the guy says its happened before and they survived!!!

Thanks for reading…hope you don’t get too much frost!

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Hello Sandra - what a lovely display of succulents they look very content and so does Henry with his succulent wig !!- have a good week - Jane

24 Jan, 2016


Oh My!! just look at that last pic, makes me shiver just looking at that one with its icicles, its amazing how much cold they can stand and still rally round, yours inside and around your garden are loving the conditions Sandra, was it you that told me to lay them on their side so any water can run off easily, not needing to water at the mo but thinking towards the time when they will need a drop, nothing worse than getting something through the winter months and then lose them at the last ditch....

24 Jan, 2016


What a fantastic picture...the icy one from America.
You e certainly got some novel planting situations for your succulents Karen!

24 Jan, 2016


Amazing to be able to grow succulents outside all yr round. I don't want to risk mine up here in these hills.
I'm hoping the mild weather will remain all winter lol

24 Jan, 2016


glad u like them...the frosty agave is amazing isn't it....I am going to plant agave outside after seeing it....BUT>>>I NEVER plant out my only one of a kind as I have lost loads outside over the years... but many have thrived so I just love having a go with my spare ones. and yes placing them on their sides helps with the wet in winter Lincs.

26 Jan, 2016


That frosty agave looks carnivorous with big teeth, iconic photo. And I love your henry, spendng his retirement in your garden, great hair do..go henry! Your succulent blogs have made me want more in my garden, inspirational.

26 Jan, 2016


The last picture is priceless Sandra. Agave with icicles LOL.
Nice collection of plants. I like it very much.

26 Jan, 2016


so glad you enjoy them Resi..Henry is one of my favourites.

I am amazed by the icicles and have decided mine are beig planted out this year Klahanie

26 Jan, 2016


Thanks Sandra, much appreciated...

26 Jan, 2016


I loved seeing all these succulents happily surviving the winter outdoors. I've left some aeoniums out this year, close to the house but open to the elements, and so far I haven't lost any.

12 Feb, 2016


Mine took a battering off the wind last week Louisa but are still fine too. I do enjoy seeing them outside but i try to be ready with some old sheets if the frost appears..

13 Feb, 2016

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