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sooo many Epiphyllum flowers!


By sandra


Years ago I was given a plant held up with three knitting needles and some red wool. The poor thing kept leaning to one side and I kept propping it up. After a while it produced the most amazing flower but was so tall and floppy I was at a loss untill I came on here and Delonix had posted a pic of an amazing trailing epiphyllum cactus covered in flowers! The same flowers my one had produced… So out came the knitting needles off came the wool and I raised it up to allow it to trail. Well a few more years have passed and I am over the moon with this baby now….

Can’t wait for them to open now!
So big thanks to Delonix for posting the photo and helping me to understand this plant…

Thanks for reading…:-)

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That's going to be stunning when the flowers open Sandra, I've never been good with cacti / succulents plants , you could even have a wee drum roll when the flowers open ;) lol

20 May, 2016


Sandra they are amazing plants and the flowers are stunning - I have a cerise one and have taken cuttings over the years - I bought a cream one from a show last year but it has not had any flowers yet - I will post a pic of my cerise pink one when the next bud comes out - probably about 3 weeks time

20 May, 2016


Sandra that is some plant.....?

20 May, 2016


They're going to look beautiful :)

20 May, 2016


thank this time of much going on every where...look forward to your pics Jane

20 May, 2016


Wonderful. It is going to be quite a show.

21 May, 2016


Well would you Adam and Eve it!!!.
I am trying to catch up on the blogs and cannot believe I missed this one Sandra.
In my dining room I have a little pot that I rescued from my mum and dads house when he passed away, I kept it on my kitchen windowledge and have tried everything to hold the stems up, even have lolipop sticks and elastic bands on the poor thing, we've been decorating our kitchen and whilst all the work was going on this little floppy cacti got shoved out the way into the dining room, its grown downwards, looks a lot healthier and has sprouted new stems so I have left it on the ledge in there, now I feel a right plonker, I've been trying to get it to grow upwards, have to buy a new hanging pot asap and give it the home it deserves...You never know I might get some flowers as well, I'll have to take a photo and show you but I'm sure its the same as yours...

16 Jul, 2016


We learn so much on here...mine started growing much better after I worked it out.. I have had to give mine a hair cut as it was going crazy.

17 Jul, 2016


Hi Sandra! Check out my avatar! I love these wonderful plants. Just like you I was given a small cutting..and it's gone crazy. Mine is not as good looking as yours but I'm hoping for flowers as this is the second summer in a row that I've put it outside and let it do it's thing. When those flowers open it's like a fireworks display.

23 Jul, 2016


That's the one Lori...good luck with yours.

24 Jul, 2016


i have a feeling that having "cracked the code" to speak, we're all going to have more beautiful Epi flowers to boast about! I wonder if you remember but we had a GoY member (handle MikeC) who grew epis and night blooming cereus?

24 Jul, 2016

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