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fish nabed


My, its November!
Cant believe this year is almost over.
My garden has been put to bed. All the fuchsias have been repotted into hanging baskets and gone into the green house along with all the tenders. The Dailers and Begonia’s are all cut down and in trays for storage, such a shame when they are only just coming into their own! And the cacti tranferred in doors.


My pond has sprang a leek and for the first time ever I cleaned it right out. ‘Hats off’ to though’s of you who do this every year! I had 25 large fish in it, which I was terrified I would loose in a pond with no water in, so after giving 10 away to a friend I advertised it on Gumtree to anyone with a big enought pond. Two people responded and where told to share them between each other. I had to go shopping at the time the first girl arrived, so left my son in charge who only had eyes for him girlfriend (Oh isnt young love grand!) Any way when I got home the pond had been striped of every single fish, BAR ONE WHO MUST HAVE BEEN HIDING. There must have been over £1000 of fish and not even a thank you note. Luckly the man who wanted some too, phoned before he arrived so he didn’t have a wasted journey. But boy did I feel bad. I hate breaking a promise…………

These are all that’s left being quarantined in the other pond with lumps on their fins!

It had 4 inches of single in the bottom, which I didn’t expect and after all day bailing water and shifting single, no sign of a hole anywhere.
Think I’m going to leave it till the new year before re-lineing it. Would like to reinstate the waterfall at the same time, before restocking with fish, tiny ones

Up date on the calamile lawn! Looking forward till the ‘tate d’tate’ daff’s come up round the rope. And another year waits……………………

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some lucky new fish owner then. I have in the past over wintered fish in a kids padling pool with net over the top to keep cats/herons away. info a bit late for you sadly. the lumps on fins etc may be a results of damage and knocks and not infection. They also have a naturally swelling on the upper end/body end of the fin when the bony bar is thickened. I tend to think of it as a 'elbow' though that isnt biologically accurate.

8 Nov, 2011


Hi, may be though its only appeared on the fantails and not on the rest. I was told that these tend to be more open to infection as they are hybrids. I'll see if I can take a picture of it!
The idea is good but I think these where too big for a paddling pool. The 3 big ones where 14inches even the smallest of the rest where 7 inches!

9 Nov, 2011


Put the photo on, she is the worst. Did get them onto the other pond and treated, the others seem ok now!

9 Nov, 2011


Pitty you couldn't keep the fish. I thought they could be kept easily - but I don't know about fish.

9 Nov, 2011


Probably could have kept them, but having to top the pond up every 3 days, and the worry of it freezing with only a limited amount of water in. It concerned me that they would end up frozen into the ice. Didnt want to be responsible for them dying like that!

10 Nov, 2011


we used a large 14ft diameter paddling pool with goldfish 8" long, Koi 12" and a mature tench 14" long. as long as there is a large surface area and a reasonable depth in the cooler weather they do ok. Sold the koi a few yrs ago as they were eating far to much food.

Hybrids tend to be 'fitter' than pure breeds as they have fewer genetic problems and more genetic diversity. This looks more dense, like the swellings some ornamentals get as a 'desired effect', but if it responds to treatment alls well.

10 Nov, 2011


Good idea but really didn't want to do that much messing around!

Just been up there for my morning tea and one of the trench is still in there, shame there was a pair.
Think when I re-line it I will do a bog area as I did with the new pond.

13 Nov, 2011

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