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my 3 months since I've been on to here!


Looks like everyone has been busy, some great photos been uploaded……………

I’ve started doing a new garden at work, hopefully for the kids, but with no budget its going to take some imagination.
So far the ideas are for a hop scotch path, dream catcher through the tree’s and a balance walkway, any ideas welcome! For kids in party gear……..

I made a mistake at home. Allowed the 20 year old to have a house party. Not something to be recommended if you want to keep on speaking terms with the neighbours!
Now I have a trashed garden. The camomile lawn I put in last year looks like a mud patch. And the handrail over the pond is no more. Mind you in all honesty the steps where not wide enough, so I’m going to change it rather than mending it.
We rigged up a canopy for the party and was surprised how it changed the area. Thinking about putting up an wooden frame over the same place later this year!

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Hi Sandygirl, That canopy looks gorgeous, looks like sunshine in your garden. Sorry to hear about your garden/house being trashed, at least the 20 year old wont ask to have there 21st at home ! lol..
How old are the kids that your building a garden for? maybe if we knew we could help you, dont want to suggest sunflowers if the kids are 14 lol. if they are quite young, Kids are competative, give a good prize to the tallest group of sunflowers, get them working together in groups of 4/5 encourage teamwork, let us know in more detail of what your up against :)

30 Jan, 2012


Not a good idea to let 20 yr olds have a party in your garden then :o( I hope he helped you clear up the mess .
I like that canopy. You'd be able to sit outside even in the rain

30 Jan, 2012


No, he didn't help clear up but went off with his girlfriend who had to be at work in Dartford! So no 21st next year! But have offered to supply the music for the street party for the Queen, which I thought would be funny after the complaints of noisy music, but no one laughed.....some people have no sense of humour.

The kids garden will be for those children at the weddings
who go into the garden, cos mixing with the adults isn't fun! Then start swinging on the gazebo and breaking it! I thought a maze might be good, get them lost but the ground isn't big enough. Perhaps a hemp rope spiders web they can get stuck in! So many possibilities............

The canopy worked well but the wind got under it! Kept the rain off though.

31 Jan, 2012

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