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I’ve just read several beautiful blogs about winter in all its glory. Then my elbows started to ack and a thought of my day in the works garden.
The hours in the kitchen are a bit short this week so I offered to help the guys spreading shingle onto the car park. Sounds easy.
Imagine my horror when a tip up track arrived with 20 tones of the stuff. There was 5 of us, armed with rakes to start with and a pile that resembled Everest!
We quickly decided that wheel barrows would be easier, but one had a puncher so we where left with just one other.
Only one thing for it, when Martin mentioned an dentist appointment it seemed only fair to offer him a lift, only to find on return another lorry had arrived with another 20 tons!
This time the driver had managed a good impression of the Chissel bank. I decided the workers deserved bacon sandwiches, any excuse to delay having to join them, but by then they where up for a break.
And it was only 11am……………….
An hour later I decided it was time for lunch, the fish pie everyone was looking forward too since the rotary dinner earlier in the week! Lovely leftovers!
And then the next treat, the third and last lorry load. 60 tons total, and I felt as if I had moved every oz myself.
I left at 3pm to go and get Stephen, and saw the look of envy on the faces of the boys, they still had 2 & 1/2 hours of shovelling. I just hope they can move in the morning!

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Wow... that was hard work !
I guess the car park looks really smart now ?

11 Feb, 2012


Ouch I bet you ache all over Sandy. I think a nice hot bath is the order of the day! Can we see some photos please of all your hard work?

11 Feb, 2012


60 tons! I still remember the day I had just 10 tons of topsoil delivered, with the drive being the only place it could be unloaded. As they were leaving, one of the guys joked - 'I hope you haven't got a car in there' , pointing to the garage behind this mountain of earth. I didn't have the courage to admit to my stupidity and that, actually, I did have my car in there! Took a while to live that one down with the family.

11 Feb, 2012


That's a lot of shingle :O
I hope you're not acking too much now ....

11 Feb, 2012


Yep three days later and I'm still acking, although we've taken on a new/old dog an English Ball Mastive not sure how its spelt but walking it hasn't helped,she pulls on the way out and almost crawls home.
I will take some photo when I'm next in so you can all see how big the area is!
So how long did it take you to shift 10 tons, hope you didn't need the car first!

13 Feb, 2012

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