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Hi, I do love to read up on what others have done to change their garden and surroundings.
I also love to add my own rendition on the topic.

I have moved house four times each time making my mark on the place, as I am sure many of you have done.
I guess a better word would be putting your signatures on the place.

The first place my husband and I bought, where we raised our three children was in Bayswater (Vic au)
Then we moved to Diamond Creek which was my favourite place by far.
And my husband was missing his home environment having come from the Tweed Valley Area. Having lived 20+ years in Victoria, we made the decision to move to his state.
NSW here we come. We settle in Lismore NSW, an hours drive from where his mother lives.
Sadly that was not to last, David could not handle the heat, but none of us ever really acclimatized to the NSW heat.

More later.

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Hi saranfiljka, I was going to say welcome to GOY but I see you have been a member since 2011. I suppose all your house moves have made it difficult for you to be very active on the website but I hope we will see more of your journey as a gardener soon. Welcome back.

18 Mar, 2015


it was not the moving house that kept me from here ... simple matter of not knowing how to work this site and learing computer language .... I have done a bit since and I hope to continue with this garden group. thanks for the welcome Scotsgran

18 Mar, 2015


I had a traumatic journey in learning how to use my computer. It is another foreign language. I took classes and in three years and 7 modules later I got the European Computer Driving License. My son was so proud of me he got me a website which I used for our now abandoned village Flower and Veg show. Enjoy using the computer and you will soon be a valued group member.

19 Mar, 2015

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