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Giving up watering plants


I have come to the conclusion that I should discontinue watering my plants (in the garden, that is). It’s not that we have an excess of rain or anything, but I am slowly preparing the soil for some seedling re-plants later on, and it occurred to me that I need to water the fallow ground as well.

So, now, although it will look much the same to a casual observer, I am not actually watering my plants, but merely making the soil a nice place for worms to grow. A nice side-effect is that the plants enjoy the water too.


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You have to keep the worms happy Schizolocal.

17 Jan, 2011


What is it like on St Helena Schizo? Is it very dry there?

19 Jan, 2011


Normally (and I use this word with reservation in today's climatic chaos :-), we get relatively dry summers with the occasional shower, and a cooler (though not cold) rainy season - we can't really call them winters in the sense of the UK weather. Recently, we've had more rain than usual, though not enough to cause damage. We did have such a heavy downpour 18 months ago which swelled streams so much that our printing factory was flooded and a couple of small wooden bridges were washed away. The wind usually causes more damage.

20 Jan, 2011


Sounds lovely. I used to know someone who went regularly to looks very similar.

20 Jan, 2011


I have never been to Tristan da Cunha. it is arguably more isolated than St.Helena and is inhabited by only a few hundred people (340 was it). I suspect that it would be too cold for me in winter and too small in summer, but mine is not the only opinion in the universe, and I will gladly accept other's preferences.

That said, I think you'll have to come to St.Helena to find out how stunningly beautiful but totally uncommercial it is. Give me a buzz if you need help :-)

21 Jan, 2011


Ah, bless you Schizo.....too far for me I think. Mind you, my OH is planning a trip to Thailand for his 50th and I suppose he'll expect me to go as ;)

21 Jan, 2011

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