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I have never been keen on plants which grab you as you walk by. I never did take to roses UNTIL I saw Mai Gold. It had everything I could wish for. Abundance of golden roses from early in the year, perfume, and it grows up and out of the way of me. It was perfect to grow along the back boundary wall and through the plastic wire trellis we had put up on our pergola, to support clematis. And wait for it, it was as jaggy as H—-. Great burglar deterrant. It grew quickly to the top of the trellis and was easy to tie in. We had inherited what I now know to be American Pillar, another for the property protection list. It is also a prickly menace. It is later in coming in to flower, but flowers over a long period. Its single red and white flowers with a golden centre looked lovely. I saw a hedge of Queen Elizabeth on a garden visit. It was covered in flowers top to toe. The gardener explained it had to be pruned so that the flowers grew all over the pillar. It is not a climber but it has beautiful large pink flowers on long stems and will grow to 8’. Not jaggy as such but it does have huge razor sharp thorns. From then on I was hooked. I have Seagull, Galway Bay, Iceberg etc etc


Iceberg, Dublin Bay and Honeysuckle (Lonicera Periclymenum)

A blowsy wind battered bud of Baron Girod de L’Ain

Baron Girod de L’Ain with distinctive white edged petals.

Vichenblau and Seagull

Etoile de Hollande



Seagull and Galway Bay

Queen Elizabeth


Handel, rear view. The bar to the left is 2 inches across.

Handel, the front view.

Mai Gold

Name change courtesy of Keasty checked by Fractal. It is 99.9% certain to be Ispahan, not Pink Perpetue

A closer look at Ispahan

Masquerade. This is not a climber. It was given to me in a planted pot and when everything else died off I planted the rose in the garden.

Golden Showers. Recommended for a north facing site it has never really taken to being placed on an east wall.

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It looks like you're 'hooked' on roses scotsgran, and what better, they're by far the most impressive flower in the garden because as you say they have it all. It's taken me years to get to understand how to get the best from them and I'm still learning. It's so easy to go on buying more, I got carried away at first but I've reduced them to a manageable amount. I'm sure there will be experienced rose growers on here who will advise if you get stuck.
ps Your 'Pink Perpetue looks different to mine.

9 Jul, 2010


I was just going to say that about Pink Perpetue Heron.........I've downloaded a pic of what I call "Pink Perpetue....

9 Jul, 2010


I smell another mis sell. Could it be Bantry Bay. I thought it had died but maybe I got the wrong one. The photo is a pretty good colour match with the actual rose. I have been looking at the David Austin site ,having had a look at Louise1's photo. I am going to bring in a rose and count the petals and measure the width and smell it and I will come back to you. In the meantime if anyone recognises it I will be pleased to change the name. Could it be Gertrude Jekyll? I do not recall ever having one but----

9 Jul, 2010


Similar colour to Gertrude....not sure about the form......

9 Jul, 2010


thanks for sharing with us - I love to see what roses will really turn out like - you must have some serious space with all those ramblers - or rather did untill they got going!

9 Jul, 2010


you have some lovely roses to share with us. :o)

9 Jul, 2010


Our internet has been off since the early hours of this am. When I went out last night to collect some roses to compare with the web photos I realised this was a gift and it is actually a standard rose. It has around 60-70 petals is approx.2.5" across. It is leaning towards magenta on the colour chart. I would say it is strong smelling. I found lots of roses which look like it but it could be a rose which grows to approx 2 - 3 ' then puts out long arms to give ground cover. I have found 22 roses which might be it. This will take weeks unless somebody knows what it is. I will put it up as a question and hope. I have a third of an acre of garden Sussexsarah. They do not take up much space because they climb the walls. We have a pergola which runs all the way along the back wall on the east side of the house. Approx. 45m. Then a wall with posts at 6' intervals with green plastic trellis on for about 90' on the north side of the back garden. The roses grow quite happily there. I have 6 climbing roses waiting to be planted Heron. Yes I think I have space for them because we had the tree surgeons in to cut down trees earlier in the year. I am waiting on my husband putting in post holders which will take 6' or 8' posts. They make putting up a fence easy as all you need do is hammer in the holder, pop the post in the cup and tighten the bolts. Apart from Seagull which has just gone mad all the others are relatively well behaved

10 Jul, 2010


Thanks for showing your roses. I didn't like them at one time but they have 'grown on me' lol

10 Jul, 2010


They were my mothers favourites. My uncle worked for Christies rose nursery in Forres when I was a child and he used to come and prune ours every year as soon after the new year started as possible. His cottage was covered in climbing roses and I remember the scent as if it was yesterday. I have changed the name of Pink Perpetue to Ispahan see above.

10 Jul, 2010


Your uncle's cottage must have been a picture to see.

11 Jul, 2010


It was but in those days people still worked their gardens and produced their own vegetables. No need for farm shops then. I am very pleased to see the growth in allotments around the country. All that fresh air pumping oxygen through your blood makes for a healthierway of life.It also boosts your energy levels so the tiredness is only temporary.

11 Jul, 2010


I totally agree

11 Jul, 2010


We love all roses, especially ones that have a strong perfume..

11 Jul, 2010

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