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Today I decided to see what had been happening to my Heritage potatoes. The shaws on Puritan were dying back and I thought I would start with that one. I had 2 potatoes in a growbag which was lying flat on a tray. I had started them sprouting on 18.3.10 and planted them on 13.4.10 in the green house, I put them outside when I thought the danger of frost was past. I got 1lb 12oz from the first seed and 2lb 11.5oz from the second seed. As you can see from the photos they are of a decent size, except for half a dozen which I discarded. They were described as a mealy white potato, one of the first to be ready and they have lived up to their reputation. They are delicious. I cooked them in the microwave for 10 minutes because I was worried that I might end up with tatty soup. .

On the first photo evidence of a large crack across the biggest potato reflects the lack of water I found last month. I discovered the water was only wetting the top 2" of soil and had to remedy that. The skin was paper thin and just peeled off when I was washing that big potato

On the big potato there are big lumps but there is nothing wrong with them.
I bought the minitubers from Alan Romans and they were described as

“Puritan is a high quality white variation of pink Beauty of Hebron bred by a homesteader in Hebron, New York State in the early 1870’s. It was one of the first first earlies to reach Europe and is remarkably modern in terms of yield and attractive appearance. If you are convinced that modern earlies are not as good as the old types this is the yardstick to judge them by”.

The two photos above show the disaster I had earlier, the first one shows what i dug out of the bag today. I got 14.5oz and some of them look like they are starting to rot. I did not want to pick all the potatoes from both seed at the same time as we could not eat that many in one sitting. They go green very quickly. The second is what I dug earlier.

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Yes they have homebird. More than I expected from a 99p growbag. I feel like I cheated a bit as all I did was Cut 2 holes to put the potatoes in and a 3rd to put water in and wow. I will definitely be growing this variety again.

4 Aug, 2010


Pleased they have grown well for you, love home-grown potatoes.

4 Aug, 2010


You should give these a go they taste like potatoes used to taste before farmers watered everything to death. These have been in for 16 weeks which is a lot longer than the adverised time it takes the quickest growing modern varieties.One is said to be ready in 7 weeks.

4 Aug, 2010


they look very tasty!!

4 Aug, 2010


its so much beter when u can see the results of others especially for someone like me whos a novice

4 Aug, 2010


This is a great crop from a growbag. Might be longer than other varieties in the growing, but looks, and sounds, worth it! Many Thanks. :-))

4 Aug, 2010


I am chuffed to bits especially after my disaster with the earlier ones which suffered from lack of water, which reminds me I removed the shaws but not the potatoes from the second seed in that first grobag. I will need to go and make sure they are alright. I feel like a novice although I have been growing potatoes for years, but the potatoes don't know that. LOL Suey they tasted like potatoes used to taste. I know, I'm getting on and starting to ramble about the good old days which thank goodness are behind us.

5 Aug, 2010


They look lovely. Have you ever grown this variety in the ground? If so was there any taste difference?

6 Aug, 2010


No This is the first time I have ever grown it. It is a heritage variety and I was lucky enough to be able to go to a local potato day and buy my seed this year. When Alan Romans came to talk to our gardening club I bought a few more. We loved the taste. I cooked all of them and we picked away until only three were left. I have frozen them to see how they perform.

6 Aug, 2010

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