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A lazy feeling day


Do you get days when you run out of steam by coffee break. I am having one of those today so went in to the garden with my cuppa. The colours made me stir enough to go get my camera to share snippets with you.
First the Allium sphaerocephelum was dancing in the breeze with this lovely pink lily.

I thought I would like to compare my smallest flowering allium and my largest. I pulled a head from the first and stuck it in the second. The large one has gone past its best but the seed head is spectacular. It would have worked fine as a football in South Africa. The seed head on the right of the picture was a white allium Mount Everest.

Wandering on I spotted this lovely orange lily near a red dahlia and flanked by a lovely pink self seeded annual and some borage

Further along my eye fell on the lovely flowers above Heuchera Fire Chief which was one of my buys from Vicky at Gardening Scotland.

And my come and cut again lettuce are looking beautiful.

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Lovely Scotsgran... I love the heuchera colours, thought the lettuce was another one at first, I have one just that colour but I haven't seen Fire Chief very pretty. That allium is some size! And your lillies are looking good too.

5 Aug, 2010


I enjoyed your stroll too Scotsgran, lovely, hope you are feeling brighter now!!

5 Aug, 2010


Love that Heuchera! My Alliums are still at that big seed head stage, lovely. x

5 Aug, 2010


And it was a kind of sleepy day, couldn't 'get my act togetther' am saving it for tomorrow when a family is coming to see our last pup, then some work, then tidying for guests............better sleep well!

5 Aug, 2010


Thank you all for keeping me company on my little stroll. Clematisa there are at least two heucheras. One nearly the same colour as the lettuce and a second I think it could be green spice. I have a lot of heucheras and I change my mind about how to place them every other week. Thank you Grandmage some caffeine and fresh air does the trick every time. Lulu your allium looks as big as the puppy lol. Nice to know he/she is off to a nice home soon and enjoy your guests. We too are having visitors some passing through others staying and I have so much stuff in this house I think I need to hold a car boot sale to make room for them.

5 Aug, 2010


I had one of those days yesterday SG!! Lovely blog...aren't alliums wonderful? :))

5 Aug, 2010


I had a cuppa, too, as I "strolled" with you, looking at those wonderful plants/colours - Many Thanks! :-))

5 Aug, 2010


These alliums are my bargain buys which went in way after the suggested planting date Karen. I am delighted with them. There are so many different ones all shades of blue and I did think twice before picking up the white ones but Mount Everest was a perfectly round 4" ball of bright white stars on a stalk over 4' tall. I will need to replant them as I obviously did not plant them deep enough. I am very pleased with Fire Chief because of its pinkest pink flowers I've ever seen. I have anawful lotofplanting to do and no time at present. Thank you all for coming with me.

6 Aug, 2010


Loved the stroll around the garden looking beautiful and so full of colour, I wished I was there instead of the four walls in work, bright a huge smile to my face :-)

12 Aug, 2010


Hi Scotsgran, I have posted your blog to my sister who is also a 'scotsgran' but a southerner at heart and get depressed by the short summers you have north of the boarder.

I too have Green Spice heucharas as well as the more popular red ones.
My husband planted Alliums this year and they did exceptionally well - I have picked and dried so stems - they look very good in a tall thin glass vase.

Re your walk round the garden - my morning routine is to make a cup of coffe and then take a turn round the 'garden' then return for a second cup and do a tour of the Veg garden -- there is always something which catches your eye or excited the spirit for the rest of the day. Happy Gardening Grandmamoy

13 Aug, 2010

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