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My cousin has had a hard year because her husband is very ill but still she tries to cheer me up when I moan about the weather keeping me out of the garden. She writes ditties for every family event and she sent me this today. I thought you might recognise your garden in there somewhere.

Flowers have bloomed all year round.
Now summers gone we’re winter bound,
Gardening stuff has gone away,
cleared to fight another day.

This years been a total wash out,
Slugs and bugs ate all our sprouts.
Tatties, tom’s ,beans and peas
loads of flower but no new seeds.

Tatties looked like marbles
Beans just looked like string
Tom’s refused to turn to red
All of them stayed GREEN.

Freezing fingers, muddy paws
Thank God for WINTER

What I could not say yesterday was that she wrote the poem this week while her husband was in hospital having been rushed in because his health deteriorated so quickly. It took from Thursday to Saturday for the doctors to give him the prognosis. She wrote this while she was waiting for him to come home. She has a way with words which many of you may be able to relate to because you too have been in a similar position.

The fires alight
the room is hot,
Am I warm,
no I’m not.

My love’s not here,
to share the light,
He is ill ,
trying to fight.

Wait a moment,
theres the phone,
Oh Great News,
He’s coming home.

Now the fight is really on,
lose his eye,
the tumour gone.
Keep his eye he will not last,

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Aww sad to hear about your Cousin and her Hubby being Ill...we don't realise when we're having a moan others are having far worse... Nice little ditty she sent you...:)))

8 Oct, 2011


That's a great ditty!

8 Oct, 2011


How very thoughtful of her,Scotsgran,and she seems to have other things to cope with,but still finds time to cheer you up...I don't have any muddy paws to contend with..probably a Grandson with muddy wellies ! Lol.

8 Oct, 2011


It all sounds very familiar S.gran!! especially green tomatoes!

8 Oct, 2011


I can associate with that, its very good Scotsgran and probably helps to take her mind off other things which is good for her as well as you....

8 Oct, 2011


Love it .

8 Oct, 2011


lol It's nice to have a cousin who cheers you up :o))

8 Oct, 2011


Thank you everybody. She is a gem. The last time I saw her was at my brothers wedding in 1965. She was five years younger than me and I saw her as just a child. The time before that was in 1957. I was babysitting her and her sister. Our paths just did not cross again. Then 18 months ago when her mum died I got back in touch with her and we have kept up ever since and become close friends through emailing.

8 Oct, 2011


Thats fantastic S.gran, really pleased for you!

8 Oct, 2011


A lovely little verse Scotsgran.....sorry to hear about your cousin's husband being ill.
Great story about 'finding' each other again - funny what life turns up eh!

8 Oct, 2011


She was pleased to hear you all enjoyed it so much. Thank you everybody.

9 Oct, 2011


Sorry about your cousins husband but a lovely poem.

9 Oct, 2011


im sorry to scotsgran but love the poem.

9 Oct, 2011


She is a very brave lady. I have added her poem sent this evening.

9 Oct, 2011


That is so sad,but it says it all. She must be a very talented lady.I loved the first poem as well,it made me smile.

23 Oct, 2011


Forgot to say Scotsgran but I'm hoping to put my Aunty's poem on this week.

23 Oct, 2011


Thank you Rose I will look out for it.

23 Oct, 2011

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