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2011 just goes on (1). To be continued.


It is October.
1. The overcast sky has to be a feature this month

Time to put the garden to bed for the winter but it has kept the best till last. In between showers i managed to get some photos of what is doing so well in the garden at the moment.
2. The first one is Teucrium chamaedrys Wall Germander. Spritz ID’d it for me and Andrewr added the information that bees love it.

Just starting to put on an autumn show are the chrysanthemums.

3. Majorette

4. and Wizard

5. They pick up the foliage colours in the heucheras and the primulas. They do need to be redistributed to make a more pleasing picture.

6. The middle section of the raised bed has been swamped by the lupins and the huge leaves of the Centauria. Both will be coming out as soon as I have a space elsewhere.

7. The third and last section of the raised bed has also had a problem of overcrowding because the Hosta was just too big to sit alongside the heucheras. The sedums have performed well all over the garden and look good here.

8. I’m not overly keen on Michaelmas daisies because they tend to become mildewed but the Aster novi begii is a nice shade of blue.

Many of the plants have suffered in the high winds but they are determined to flower

9. Astrantia Major

10. Geranium Wargrave Pink

11. Oenothera (Evening Primrose)

12. Viola Cornuta Alba

13. Hydrangeas taken from inside the dining room because the rain came on again.

14. Schizistylis coccinea

15. Time to remove the summer flowering pots of begonia semperflorens and lobelia

16. and replace them with winter flowering pansies.

It takes time to edit the photos so I will take time out to sort out the next batch. Hope you enjoy these.

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you have certainly still got a lot of lovely flowers out.

13 Oct, 2011


I think this is as good as the garden has been all year. I am swithering whether to cut stuff back or leave it until the Spring but I know I will not have time to do it then so I have to be hard hearted about it.

13 Oct, 2011


Swithering?? thats a good word, lol. I am doing mine in dribs and drabs as and when they give up, so many are still hanging on in various parts of the garden, I have had to stake my chrysanths, as you say the wind is getting at them but they do still look good and last for ages, I do like your red one, I like them all but there is something about a show of red in the autumn that appeals to me...

14 Oct, 2011


Heucheras looking good in that raised bed.

14 Oct, 2011


All still looking good, its a shame to cut it back! Just a little longer maybe?

14 Oct, 2011


All looking lovely - not going to cut mine back just yet, though will do it once the first frost have been so that it is ready for the bulbs coming up in Spring. Lovely blog, enjoyed the pictures.

14 Oct, 2011


how easy are chrysanths to grow? i dont have any but i wouldnt mind a few for autumn colour

14 Oct, 2011


Lovely specially love the heucheras:)

14 Oct, 2011


You are al very kind.Thank you.
Linclass swithering is being in a state of indecision. There is so much still growing and flowering I'm unsure whether cutting them back will stop them growing for the year or if they will just go rocketing off again. I think we have lagged at least a month behind on everything but it is fine when it arrives. I have winter flowering jasmine out and next years rhododendron flowers are opening already.
Sticki these chrysanths have been very easy. I bought them in B&Q and planted them out when I bought them last year and the year before. It says on the label that they last one season only. This will be the third season for the red ones and the 2nd for the yellow ones. I left them out but in quite a shelterd spot under the apple trees so that is perhaps why they survived. I have not given them any special attention apart from putting bonemeal in the planting holes when I transferred them in to the new raised beds. These are small flowered types and are reputedly the easiest to grow. Chrysanths are the no2 hobby plant after roses and the hobbiests do wonderful things like disbudding to get huge flowers.

14 Oct, 2011


thank you scotsgran thats very helpful, i have had some from b and q before but they didnt last, i shall try smaller ones next time; i see my neighbour has some growing so they must be ok in this soil

14 Oct, 2011


Loads of colour still, Scotsgran. I'm afraid it is getting pretty drab thorugh here. The soggy ground is doing nothing for the plants. And my enthusiastic deadheading has taken care of whatever dared to produce any flower buds. out, forecast seems to be for pretty cold weather next week. Frosts?

14 Oct, 2011


I think I may have bought a tray of six plugs Sticki. A friend of mine grows them but he always takes them in to the greenhouse over the winter and starts off new plants from cuttings each year. When they start growing round about Feb - April he takes cuttings from the bottom of the stem and pots them up and gives them a bit of heat and eventually transfers the growing cuttings in to 3"pots and plants them out after the last frosts about the end of May. If you see your neighbour dig his up that may be what he is doing.
Somhairle I saw on the forecast tonight that we might get ground frost as soon as next week. There is already snow in the mountains but the seasons are totally mixed up. I am still lifting potatoes. I will try and get my geraniums up as soon as possible and inside. OH has said he will try and sort out the summerhouse which is attached to the house so I can put them in there. They will benefit from heat from the house.

14 Oct, 2011


I have put this blog on my favourites so I can keep all this helpful and interesting information ~ thank you scotsgran.

14 Oct, 2011


Your raised beds look nice. I don;t like to see spaces in between plants.
I must remember the name novi belgi. I like that blue shade.
I love the view from your dining room. I could sit and look at it for hours. I think it's beautiful with those trees and hydrangeas :o)
I noticed your viola cornuta alba, and mine is doing well in the garden too, but finished flowering now.

15 Oct, 2011


Thanks Sticki.
Hywel Spritz has a similar Aster (blue). I have a feeling it was mentioned by Carole on Gardeners World as being one which did not get mildew. I have never come across it and as i have this blue one I was not too concerned. I have lots of it, i can send you a bit if you like. It spreads by runners and is very easy to get rid of if it becomes a nuisance. When it starts to mildew i just cut the stems down to the ground and new ones pop up.
Ive just checked Spritz's one is Aster x frickartii Monch.

15 Oct, 2011


You still have a lot of colour in your garden and one or two I have not even heard of.I enjoyed your blog.

23 Oct, 2011


Thank you Rose. This has been an exceptional October. I am trying my best to get around to doing all the chores needed to ensure a good show as early as possible next year but the plants are so confused by the weather that i think we might be in for a disaster come Spring.

23 Oct, 2011

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