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Gardening Scotland 2012


Time to go and see what the growers and all the garden related companies are doing in 2012.
The Thai Scottish Assoc. based in Slateford road in Edinburgh were cooking up Thai food.
This looks good enough to eat.

This is Thai Royal Cuisine and here is how you go about it. Take one Swede and peel it. Then using a very sharp pointed knife the artist got to work. I think it would take lots of practise to get to this level of expertise but what could be more appropriate in this the Royal Jubilee weekend.

Maybe you prefer the homegrown and or organic approach taken by the National Vegetable Society.

Or the Cottage Garden look

Veggies are important here

balanced by the flowering plants and fruiting trees. Where there is no natural water source the fountains work equally well.

These are not onions for the pot

but they bridge the gap between spring bulbs and summer flowers

If you can cope with the idea of bug eating plants then here is a small selection.

Forget about the Ugly bugs and enjoy this butterfly all year long

Bulbaholic gave us a look at how the SRGC stand was being constructed. Here is how I found it on display
Remember the dried up river bed

On the rocky side of the river valley

we find a Celmisia stricta

and a celmisia stricta hybrid both come from New Zealand

On the other side of the river bed the growth is far more lush

I particularly liked this dainty little Corydalis Balang Mist

and this lovely red Meconopsis Sechuan Silk

Around the hall were stands laden with all sorts of plants



Paeonias from Binny Plants

Poppies on sale for the poppy appeal.

If you think these Oriental lilies are lovely

What about these

And Hywel I think you will like these

I’m not so sure you will like these

And another stand jam packed with colourful fuchsias.

Ferns in all sizes from tiny to very tall tree ferns

and more ferns

and since we are in a shady part of the garden here are some Hostas

and more hostas

or a current universal favourite from GOY member Vicky of Plantagogo who with OH Richard grows heuchera, heucherella and tiarella and has the National collection of each .

If you want to add instant height in a garden you won’t go far wrong with a Clematis.

Maybe you prefer a colour themed garden. Sorry the white was extremely hard to catch on camera but the pic gives some idea of what can be achieved.

Have you a moist but well drained site

or is blue for you

or yellow

Does this remind you of a members garden?

Beautiful Paeonia

If you like your trees to be miniatures there was plenty to see.

another stand

and how to do it. A demonstration from the Fife Bonsai Assoc.

And where to next ?
Ayr Flower Show Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th August
and Dundee would love to see you
Friday 31st Aug. to 2nd Sept.

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Good to see it all again, without all the people milling round. These photos are great. Thanks, SG.

6 Jun, 2012


Some of those displays took my breath away, the heucheras, the hostas, and what I would give for a 'moist but well drained' garden! Another fantastic blog, Scotsgran, and I absolutely love the white garden. I remember seeing one somewhere in Hampshire some years back - gorgeous :)

6 Jun, 2012


you have done a really good job of showing what was on display scotsgran
lovely to see it all again
the overpowerful smell of the lilies is the only thing that I don,t like in the indoor pavilion.

6 Jun, 2012


Oj I felt quite guilty at times trying to take photographs between dodging passersby. Sometimes I had to wait a few moments until someone noticed the camera and made a detour to get out of shot and they would be followed by the next few, just enough time to get a photograph. Gee that heuchera display was out of this world. No wonder they were doing a roaring business. I liked the white garden when I saw it but it does not appeal to me at all. I like lots of colour. Thank you Helen. I am not a lover of captured lily scent in enclosed spaces, they seem to smell quite differently out in the garden. I do like the scent of the chrysanthemum stand though.

6 Jun, 2012


the entire blog photo's took my breath away, its just wonderful to see, thanks for sharing with us, well its just brilliant, I'm speechless

6 Jun, 2012


Some of those stands were spectacular, especially all those fuchsias, and yes I did like the bonsai ones :o)
I liked the Heucheras aswell ... I think I may becoming addicted to them lol.

6 Jun, 2012


i bought 6 new heuchera at the show Hywel as I love them and am definitely addicted :-)

6 Jun, 2012


You covered all aspects there, brilliant job would love to see that show,not sure i will manage it unless I fly up.Possible!

6 Jun, 2012


That's great Helen :o) I've only got 4 so far, but that will change I think lol ...

6 Jun, 2012


Yorkshire its much easier to see some of the show this way but I'm not fit to wander about, and would not want to, all over the acres of area, covered by all the stands that make up the show. I took a lot more photos but they were unusable because someone would pass just as I clicked or the lighting was so bad and I should have used a flash to get the detail. I'm glad you liked the fuchsias Hywel, even the bonsia ones. They were laden with flowers or buds. Oh dear Helen another addict on GOY. Heucheras have everything don't they. Bjs you have 360 days to plan a trip to Scotland so you never know you might make it. I think our family and friends in the south can get cheap flights if they book far enough ahead. At the moment the airport is only a few hundred yards from the show ground but there has been talk of it moving for years so who knows what will happen.

6 Jun, 2012


That is a lovely blog, Scotsgran!

6 Jun, 2012


Loved the pics you have made a great job of them.its great to see all the stands don't think I could pick out a favourite they are all is quite hard going
wandering all over the whole show ,my sister and myself were down 2 years ago and made a holiday of our visit and splashed out on tickets for 2 days as I can't get about too well and that worked well as we did outside day1 & inside day2 will have to try and make it next year ...........:)))

6 Jun, 2012


WOOO ! what a lovely blog Scotsgran thank you for sharing it with us

6 Jun, 2012


Thank you Mel ad Cmsue I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Niverdeen going on two days is definitely a lot easier than trying to pack everything in to one. Its a pity they don't give discounts if you come for more than one day although maybe they do. If you saw the Pallet comp. in 2010 you would notice a huge difference in the quality this year. I guess having 10 days of summer beforehand did help a lot. I can remember when the Royal Highland Show used to travel to different parts of the country. There was always great excitement when it came to Elgin in Morayshire and it was always packed. Since the permanent site was purchased and the show became an Edinburgh fixture it does not have the same appeal. It does make sense to have GS here too.

6 Jun, 2012


That was a delightful blog - I enjoyed it! I do love the big shows. :-) Plantagogo seem to be at most of them, don't they. Did they win a medal this time?

Those two Celmisias - very difficult to tell which one mine is. I'd need to put it by the photos!

7 Jun, 2012


beautifull displays, great photos :o)))

7 Jun, 2012


Spritz you don't need to ask what Plantagogo got. It had to be GOLD with a display like that. She must have been so glad to get home on Monday. They work so hard and as holders of the national Collections of Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella I think they take promotoing them very seriously. They have also invested a lot in terms of time and I would think money to bring us the latest plants from their contacts in Europe and America. You never see either of them anything less than pleased to see their customers. Some of the stalls frankly had not a clue about the plants they were selling or how to treat them. Using family and friends as spare sales people is one thing its quite another not to make sure that they understand they have to ask someone for answers for customers. The Celmisias are hard to tell apart. If you google it they come from both Australia and New Zealand and there are lots of different ones.
Thanks Sanbaz I'm really chuffed at the reaction I'm getting to my 45 seconds of blog compared to the roasting the BBC is getting over their performance at Chelsea.

7 Jun, 2012


Absolutely fantastic blog. Don't know how I missed this yesterday. Every picture is brilliant and so interesting I cannot pick out any one special one as they are all good. Love it and have put it in my favourites to take another look later. Thank you Scotsgran for showing us this.

7 Jun, 2012


Yes, when the plant was offered to me, I did google it, but I'm none the wiser. It doesn't matter really, does it!

I'm delighted to hear that Vicky and Richard have yet another gold medal for their collection. I'm hoping to go to Hampton Court - I wonder if they'll be there?

7 Jun, 2012


You are right Spritz it doesn't matter but its nice to know.
Plantagogo got their 4th Gold out of 4 visits at Chelsea this year and have it on their calendar to go to Hampton Court. We'll look forward to seeing your pics if you feel up to it.

8 Jun, 2012


I'll take my camera, of course, 'if' we manage to get there. Lots of 'ifs' - because we'd stay with our daughter...and we wouldn't want to go if the weather's like it is at the moment!

8 Jun, 2012


Fingers crossed that this is not going to be our summer.

8 Jun, 2012


Absolutely! :-O

9 Jun, 2012

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