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What do you do when the weather keeps you indoors?


In the interests of healthy exercise I go round our nearer garden centres and can stride out under the outdoor canopies for my daily walk, or I come on here and trawl through all the interesting blogs that I have either missed or not had time to catch up on. Those activities are all very satisfying. They can be productive too. I admired an allium on Bjs site and followed through to Phils site. After a pm I got a parcel of goodies from Phil just before we went down south for a visit. Because of my recent interest in and joining the Scottish Rock Garden Club, Phil sent me some lovely alpine plants very suitable for my or our (given my OH’s recent conversation) planned alpine and rock garden. It is still very much in the planning stages, my excuse being the weather.
1. The first is Allium mairei. It was in flower when it arrived. I thought it best to leave it in the pot it was in, but plant it, pot and all, in to a pot full of specially mixed alpine compost. When it finishes flowering I will replant it properly. I thought it probably had had enough trauma for one day.
On arrival 12.6.12 at 11am.

2. Four hours later.

3. 3.7.12 Looking happy in its new home and still flowering.

4. My second gift is believed to be Allium narcissiflorum.
On arrival. Might flower this year, but will next year

5. Settling in its new home by 3.7.12

6. My third gift an Incarvillea mairei grown from home collected seed. Quite different from the Incarvillea of the herbaceous border.
On arrival

7. and on 3.7.12. I planted this directly in to the new pot.

8. Gift no.4. Edrianthus pumillio. When it flowers they will be small blue campanula like bells

9. Seems to have acclimatised well by 3.7.12.

10. Gift no.5 Lewisii ’Little Plum.

11. Gift no.6 Little Peach

12. Settling in well on 3.7.12

I am delighted with my gifts and have to say a big thank you to Phil. I will have that rockery/alpine bed up and running this time next year.

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Love the idea of taking your exercise in GCs! I could do with some of that, except they are a bit more out of reach for me.
Your alpine bed is getting well populated with gifts. Folk here are so kind and generous.

7 Jul, 2012


Scotsgran, this weather is making me so lazy.... I have a desk job, not healthy, so I bought a treadmill, rower and stepper, they are now in my garage and for the last 2 years have made myself do 1 hours exercise 5 days a week. Its so hard to motivate myself in this weather and I am itching to get outside, go for walks and see some of our countryside, a pub lunch or just anything, breathe in some fresh air and smell some flowers, I am a little hermit at the moment. Its so nice having little surprises sent through the post, enjoy!!!

7 Jul, 2012


Lovely plants Sheila.....they all look great in their new home. I especially like the large pot with the lewisia in it.
It's rotten here - half the garden is under 6 inches of water - the River Almond is rising by the minute!!!!!!
We are off out along to Ecclesmachan to my brothers for dinner. I WILL NOT, yes repeat, WILL NOT be popping into Binny's on my way past. First time ever I think!!
For once I don't think any number of GCs will cheer me up!!

7 Jul, 2012


Now thats a grand delivery Scotsgran, I`d answer the door to everyone if they come bearing gifts like those.
In the interests of my health and wellbeing, exercise being a very important part of my daily life, I like to wear myself out going up and down the garden, plus a sojourn around the world with Goy, Brynner and Morgan think I should play with them all the time, if I am trapped indoors because of the weather, I have to do my housework, needless to say I am not behind with that this year, lol..........

7 Jul, 2012


Ojib the alternative would be a supermarket and that is a definite no,no. Yes people are very kind. It is amazing belonging to a family of gardeners, the majority of whom I shall never meet in the flesh but who share your ups and downs and send you gifts. I'm so glad I'm retired Marion. I have not got time to go to work any more. I have been out in the garden for an hour this evening after the rain stopped. It is so nice to breathe fresh air. Work places should have gyms because you feel so much better after a bit of exercise. Keep up the good work. Scottish I do hope the Almond stays in the garden. Did you see on the news some poor folks had 8' of water in the house. What a nightmare for them. There is a real problem with our drains and flood plains which needs to be addressed and soon. When I was young every village had a roadman and all they did was keep the verges and ditches clear so floods did not happen. I hope your nice dinner cheered you up. Linclass I was expecting one plant and when the postman dropped off the fair sized package it was like Christmas. It is exciting to get unexpected windfalls. I'm out in the garden every chance I get and I'm afraid the housework gets to take a back seat if I can arrange it. We have a large garden centre within half a mile of us, another three miles at most and then a huge Dobbies about 7 miles away. They all have covered plant areas which are very pleasant to walk around. If I'm in the garden I can't stop myself stopping to tidy up and pull weeds and although it is exercise of sorts its not quite the same as stretching your legs on a walk. Thank you all for your lovely comments and I hope the weather improves soon so we can get back to gardening.

7 Jul, 2012


They don't seem to have had much difficulty settling in. You should have them flowering well by next year. It will be interesting to see how they do.

7 Jul, 2012


It will Hywel. I think they have been grown very well and I'm looking forward to seeing their progress. I must do a blog soon to update you on those suculents I bought for 50p each last year. They are doing very well too.

7 Jul, 2012


I suppose its a good job we get rain sometimes as the ironing then gets done, but how much ironing and housework do we want to do! Lol. I get out in the garden and allotment in between the rain, even if its only to look for slugs!

8 Jul, 2012

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