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Suntrap is up for sale.


The Save our Suntrap Committee are devastated to find that a For Sale notice has been erected at the entrance to the garden.The Gardeners House and 1.95 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens which have been lovingly tended by volunteers is on the open market. The other 1.1 acres and Millbuies, which was recently listed by Historic Scotland, will probably follow suit.
It is a shame that a property donated to the public can be sold off to the higest bidder while the SOS Committee are busy producing a business plan to save the whole 3 acre site.

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Oh Gran, you mustn't give up hope. I have just been reading a little more about it.

Let's hope there is more can be done.

10 Jul, 2012


In a press release going out today the chairwoman is threatening to chain herself to the gates. I went on to the sellers website. Its a Perth based company and they ask those interested to express an interest and they will try and keep one abreast of the news but they also say they will not necessarily tell one if an offer is received. Sounds like there may already be a lot of interest in the property.

10 Jul, 2012


Devasting news for you all Sheila.....I know I've commented in my PM but just wanted to note my support for Suntrap here too!
If your committee is posting flyers etc please let me know - I'll have some put about the village here and in our notice board. Nothing in tonight's Edinburgh Evening News. They should be covering this kind of story instead of the usual council/trams fiasco!!!!

10 Jul, 2012


How about the social networking sites, don't use them myself but they seem to have some effect.
I guess you've contacted the local media.... moneys at the bottom of everything thesedays. :0(

10 Jul, 2012


Oh no I'm really sorry to hear that. Pamg makes a great suggestion, facebook groups and twitter can really take off; if you get enough interst you may even manage to drum up enough support to change the outcome.

10 Jul, 2012


Oh that's such a shame :o( I feel sad about it ...

10 Jul, 2012


Thanks for the support everyone who has commented. I'm not on the committee but hope they can come up with the cash to buy it somehow or other.

10 Jul, 2012


I am shocked to read about this, Scotsgran. It is obviously such an important space. It looks beautiful in the Google aerial photograph. I do hope it can be saved, such facilities are so necessary.

11 Jul, 2012


I thought of something else Scotsgran. The Committee definitely need to get a copy of the former owner's Will to prove that the Executors were in Breach of his wishes.
I know Scottish Law is different to English Law, so there may be a Scottish Probate Office.
If the developers get their hands on part of the garden and the properties, they will then apply for the rest of it.
I remember a Developer wanting Greenbelt Land. I remember all the tricks. I remember all the shouting at the Public Inquiry, the Q.C. was paid £800 for a days work (1999) because the Planning Officer gave PP permission then changed his mind. All the shouting was about he changed his mind. They wanted the land for a GC with a house for security reasons. It was just a trick then they asked to build more houses on the adjacent land. 12 years on its a housing estate and Greenbelt land outside the Borough Plan is lost.
Go back to the beginning. Prove the Executors were wrong in giving the property to the Scottish National
Trust without finding out if they had the money to maintain it. Hope you contact Matt Allwright and he can
help you.

24 Jul, 2012

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