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Spring 2013


Pots have been giving me colour throughout the winter. We went away for a few days last week and had nice bright weather although it was cold. We came home to bright sunshine but a cutting north easterly wind. There has been lots of progress in those few days.
The first pot of Iris reticulata ‘Pauline’ has opened well.

In another pot Clairette is starting to flower

In the raised bed Harmony has managed to produce another flower but it has been attacked although the foliage is looking healthy.

In another pot Iris reticulata is also beginning to flower. I think it is hard to beat the contrasting blues of this one.

The lovely early self seeding crocus which pop up unexpectedly where I know I did not plant them are a welcome sight among the primroses and snowdrops.

The Primulas have been flowering through
the winter in jewel like colours. They are just about to send up another lot of flowers.

I have posted a photo of a very dark coloured hellebore recently. It is still flowering.
Hellebore foetidus is looking good with its pretty purple edge to the petals

and Helleborus argutifolius is looking much better this year than it did last.

I brought two new hellebores back instead of sticks of rock. Hellebore x ballardiae ‘Cinnamon Snow’ looks good enough to eat.

Helleborus x nigercors Icebreaker Maxi

Crocus Whitewell Purple has returned for the second year and opens up when the sun appears.

The description for Tulip ‘Fire of Love’ said it had stunning foliage. The flowers are due in April and I think it will be difficult for them to compete with this foliage.

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Wow what a wonderful show I am quite envious hope you enjoyed your days away but isn't nice to come home !!

8 Mar, 2013


Beautiful Selection,Cinnamon Snow is a beauty,
wish the Iris Recticulata would last more than one year with me.but they won't.

9 Mar, 2013


Very pretty love Pauline, like the darker ones best, but they are all so pretty. Glad you had a nice break, good to be back home :O)

9 Mar, 2013


That tulip foliage is certainly spectacular!

9 Mar, 2013


What a lovely surprise to come home to all this colour! Our garden still seems to be asleep, with just a few snowdrops and crocuses popping up! I think it must be too cold for them! I really enjoyed seeing all this! Thankyou for sharing this with us.

9 Mar, 2013


Thank you we had a great time Kidsgran. We packed in a lot including another visit to Bjs and his spectacular garden. You look at his blogs and say how marvellous they are, but to see the textures and smell the delicate scents is quite a different experience.
Bjs I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep these reticulata for more than one year. I found this link on the 'net.
I'm going to see if I can follow the instructions to encourage my retics to come again. My Harmony were bought in March 2011. They were growing in a flower pot with the flowers just coming out. I transplanted them in to the raised bed where they seem to be flourishing. I'm very pleased with Cinnamon Snow.
Oliveoil we went down to go to see our grandchildren perform in their school panto mime. It was so good I went again on the Saturday afternoon.
Mel with foliage like that who needs to worry about flowers. Rose we have heather and yellow jasmine and some shrubs in flower too so we are really very lucky.

9 Mar, 2013


Scotsgran , what a wonderful array of plants .
My favourite is the gorgeous blue primula .
Glad that you had a good trip , do you drive or take the train ?

9 Mar, 2013


Spring has arrived in your garden :o) I love that tulip leaf.

9 Mar, 2013


The weather might be miserable but the gardens are brightening up for us, all your flowers look lovely S'gran, my primulas are being nibbled as soon as they come out, all I am left with are the centres, think its the birds, little beggars, I feed them every day so don't know how they dare,
I have the Cinnamon Snow, its now in its second year and has been flowering for weeks for me ....

9 Mar, 2013


Driad we drive everywhere as we do such a lot, it would be impossible to use public transport. We did 1200 miles this trip as we went down the west side of England and up the east side. My car likes motorways and so do I. We share the driving although I prefer to drive rather than be a passenger. When OH takes a turn I get out a pillow and sleep till its my turn again. We stop often for coffee. I carry picnics where possible as I'm not keen on motorway services offerings. That is a particularly nice shade of blue primula. Our cyclamen are still flowering Hywel as well as pansies and we have had a relatively cold winter with little snow and the plants seem to ignore it and do their own thing. Linclass the primulas never seem to stop flowering and they are cheery. The birds do go for them but not so much this year. I was lucky to get the hellebores in a shop near my brothers home in South Yorkshire. I always stop as we pass because I get lots of goodies there.

9 Mar, 2013


You sound like me, Scotsgran. I also like driving on motorways. I don't much enjoy being a passenger, but I can rarely sleep in the car so I read. We zip up and down to Glasgow regularly, usually returning the same day. When the children were little we would leave at about 4 am if we were going out for the day or going on holiday. They still tease us about it, but we found it was ideal because they would sleep through the longest part of the journey.

12 Mar, 2013


4am start would suit me very well Mel but OH likes to go after 9am. He prefers driving in daylight. Now the grandchildren are older we tend to leave about 4pm when bringing them up on holiday. They are usually very contented and if they get tired of singing and playing I spy etc they have dvd players with their favourites on and that sends them to sleep. They wake up when we get home but are easy to tuck up in bed and are soon sound asleep again. They are like all children and wake up at the crack of dawn every day so we tend to go to bed early when they are here. Old age has lots of compensations but staying power is dwindling fast. LOL.

13 Mar, 2013


I know the feeling! ;-)

13 Mar, 2013

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