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St Andrews Botanic Garden now under threat of closure


I’ve just been reading in the Scottish Gardeners Forum that this lovely walled garden is set to close in September. I wish the Friends of the garden success in saving it. Cuts are hitting home in ways we would have thought inconceivable five years ago. It is owned by the University and leased to Fife Council. Their lease ends in September and they have said they will not renew it. If you can offer help or advice on how to save it please contact them on

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How about National Trust Scotland could they help do you think?

10 Jun, 2013


It is so sad to think that cuts should affect such long-term assets. What will people say in years to come when -we hope - things are better?

10 Jun, 2013


So sad to see something like this happen. I hope it can be saved somehow.

10 Jun, 2013


Such a shame Sheila, as you know only too well the implications of cost cutting and funding withdrawl can do.
I do hope someone saves the day for them.

10 Jun, 2013


If any members on here live near the garden maybe they might get involved. I don't think NTS would be interested as they have just sold off Suntrap and are looking to save cash everywhere. Its a real shame because again its children who benefit most from their programmes.

10 Jun, 2013


I am shocked to read Suntrap was sold after all the efforts people made to save it.
We know GCs struggle in the winter months, but surely there are sponsorship deals in successful businesses in Scotland.
Our Committee Chairman used to say " Theres plenty of money sloshing around, if you know where to look for it."
Someone else said " Contractors always put in estimates for more than they actually need in case of hold-ups due to bad weather. If they finish on time there is money left over which cannot be used for another project. If you go round the offices at County Hall asking for money left over from Contracts you might find some."

11 Jun, 2013


Diane Suntrap was sold off late last year. The new owners who bought both parts of the garden and both Suntrap and Millbuies houses are aiming to keep the garden as a whole entity. In the meantime the refurbishment of Suntrap house is ongoing. They intend to live in it while Millbuies which the SOS committee were able to have listed as a Grade B building is restored to its former glory. Suntrap House will be let when they move in to Millbuies.
I can only hope that word of St Andrews Botanic Garden being under threat can be spread as I know alerting people to its plight will maybe result in help coming from those who can be of assistance. Budgets tend to end in April so any hope of money being available through the council will be time barred. There may be people who know where to raise cash quickly. I wish them luck.

12 Jun, 2013


All successful companies are allowed by the Govt to allocate 15% of their tax payment to environmental issues,
applications have to be made before the end of the financial year.
Weetabix will only give payments for educational needs.
What about Prestwick Airport ?
What about Highland Heritage Coach Holidays ?
Where are the Accountants in Scotland who deal with these companies and know which ones are doing very well.
They only do the work they are paid to do - hard as nails.
Start rummaging around, finding the successful local companies who could help save this garden.
There are graduates who make a living doing this work.
Students and Charities tend to go to the big ones, its the little local companies who need to be contacted.
Work can be done on this issue during the rest of the summer, so applications can go in before March 31st 2014.

12 Jun, 2013


It will have been closed for six months by then if the closure goes ahead. I am not personally involved. We live too far away.

12 Jun, 2013

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