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Cotoneaster dammeri


I love this plant. I bought it in a 9cm pot many years ago. I hoped it would spread a little around the pot it is growing in and I have not been disappointed.
It has grown all along the top of the wall and the wonderful waterfall effect is beautiful when it is covered in white flowers earlier in the year. I have to cut the ends or we would not be able to get up the drive.

The GC disappeared long ago but the little plant just grew and grew.

These flowers will disappear and then we will have more red berries. The blackbirds love them. They stand on the drive and jump up and pick them.
Autumn arrives all too soon. We have a lot of blackbirds in the garden but we also have a lot of fruit for them to enjoy.

If you are wondering why my Buxus pyrymidalis is looking a bit funny it is because I kept seeing a bird sitting there instead of a bush. I am attempting to shape it. This is my first attempt at topiary. It was a very expensive shrub when bought in a 1l pot. It was only four inches high. The two shrubs have been a great success. Both bought at the same time and both surviving well.

I am quite looking forward to seeing a bird emerge from the recent changes I have made.
I have grown cuttings of this buxus on many occasions. Two squirrel topiary frames jumped in to my trolley one day as I passed the reduced section in the garden centre. I had two decent sized home grown buxus plants and I have enclosed them in their new shapes. By next summer I hope they will be fully covered as I prefer my squirrels to look like this. The real ones are a pain when they pinch my best bulbs and plant them in someone else’s garden.

For Stera I hope you like its tail. OH reckons it has a way to go but I am pleased with the way it is developing.

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I would love to see that blackbird jumping up for the berries! We had a goldfinch doing that once for some geranium seeds. Brilliant idea to free the bird from that bush - is it going to retain its splendid tail? Lets hope the squirrels don't chase it off!

14 Nov, 2013


It is amusing watching the birds at this time of year. These squirrels live in the back garden so won't be upsetting our bird at the front gate. I have been planning this topiary bird for about five years. For the first three I could not find the courage to massacre the plant (OH's description when he saw the first cut) but I did need to let it out. He reluctantly agreed to make a frame but I had to resort to my own devices when he never seemed to be able to envisage what was required. I'm hoping it will have a very splendid tail. When I get the second half of my improvised tail support in place I will take another photograph of it.

14 Nov, 2013


I love the way the cotoneaster is growing over the wall, very pretty. I have several 'bird dropping' cotoneasters in my garden and, if they land in the right place, I let them stay! I like your topiary shapes, I am only brave enough to do balls!!

15 Nov, 2013


Thank you Gee. I am very pleased with the cotoneaster. I think it adds to the interest of the wall. You are brave doing balls. With any of my shapes no one will know if I do something wrong but if you cut a bit in the wrong place on a ball it could look bad. I just use my secateurs, no aggresive cutting allowed lol. I tend to allow self seeding until someone evinces an interest in a plant and then I can offer a baby.

15 Nov, 2013


I really like that Cotoneaster. The topiary is interesting. I think I might like to try it if I could get those wire things :o)

15 Nov, 2013


Most of the garden centres had them but I have not seen any for some time. I bought these for a pittance because they had been sitting in the end of line shelf for nearly a year. I kept saying to myself I should buy these and I got some birthday vouchers and decided to get them. There was no price on them and the manager said they had been there so long I should get them for nothing. i made him an offer and he accepted it. I have seen them on line but as always postage is a killer. Here is a link to how to make your own frames. I wish I had found it earlier but I only got keen when the price was right.
One topiary frame firm in Kent or Yorkshire makes numbers 2' high. I might have a go at making our house number one day.

15 Nov, 2013


Thanks, I'll have a look at the link :o)

16 Nov, 2013


Apparently Topiary is on the way in again.

16 Nov, 2013


Is it ? I'm not bothered about what's 'in' really. I just want to have a go at growing one.

16 Nov, 2013


I know you don't bother with trends but if it is on the way in then it should be easier to find frames in local garden centres again.

17 Nov, 2013


Yes that's true lol :o) I'll have to look out for them.
Thank you ...

17 Nov, 2013


I have tied in the birds tail and can show how it is developing. I have added two new photos.

17 Nov, 2013


Don't know how I missed this Scotsgran. I'm loving your topiary efforts, better than mine were - I let them fill back in!
Crikey - Pinegrove GC, that takes us back a bit doesn't it! I remember this was the first 'real' garden centre I ever visited.

18 Nov, 2013


It was a good garden centre with knowledgable staff. Its a shame progress ? more houses overtook it.

19 Nov, 2013

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