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2014 is running away with the garden.


I have been very busy for what seems like forever but being without my own computer since I gave it to my son to update and cure all its ills I have been spending some time trying to catch up on all the jobs that more organised people do in the autumn or early winter. As I go round the garden I usually have the camera handy.
Primula denticulata

Also P.denticulata but a deep pink shade

A mixture of orange and peach coloure prims

Primula Wanda

Primula x pubescens ‘Deep Mrs Wilson’

P. cortusoides


? which Primula now IDd by Seaburngirl and BJS, see next photo.

Dodecatheon meadia album

Primulas in a pot being used to give some privacy from next door.

Scottish mentioned I had bought a Magnolia ‘Satisfaction’ on the way home from a day out to a Snowdrop garden. It is gorgeous.

The flowers are 6" across

When they open this is the view

At the moment the bush is quite small only 70cm high. It will eventually be a bush about 1.5m

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Never heard of that magnolia Scotsgran - isn't it fantastic? Very desirable. There don't seem to be many suitable for smaller gardens so I googled it - consensus seems to be it grows to 3m. Your prims are lovely too.

23 Apr, 2014


I think it said 1.5m in 10 years Steragram so I'm happy with that. It is apparently a x with M.soulangea. The scent is heavenly. I love all of my primulas but that Deep Mrs Wilson is a stunner. It was a seedling gift from a goy friend.

23 Apr, 2014


lovely Is the unknown prim actually Dodecatheon [shooting star] ?

23 Apr, 2014


Hi Scotsgran .. Lovely primulas there :o)

23 Apr, 2014


All looking great Scotsgran, it's good to know your finding time to catch up with the garden.
Obviously the Primulas are all super, you know I love them all. Have never heard of P. rusbyi before, nice colour.
Just showed mum your Magnolia, she says it's gorgeous and still peeved I didn't buy one ;) Although where she wanted me too put it, goodness only knows! Nice combo with the Hellebore and Primula.

23 Apr, 2014


I will take another photo when it opens more fully Sbg. which might show the typical swept back petals of a Dodecatheon. I'll update it asap. You will need to bring your mum down to sniff it Scottish then she can enjoy it with me. Thank you Tt. My favourite is definitely the P. 'Deep Mrs Wilson'. It is a beautiful colour.

23 Apr, 2014


They all look lovely, I don't have a Magnolia as also no room, yours is lovely as are the primulas, no better place for spending time than in the garden no matter what the reason is, lol, I hope you enjoyed yourself....

23 Apr, 2014


Scotsgran agree with Seaburn girl, Dodecatheon Media Alba it looks like the leaves always collapse in the sun.
You were nearly right it is Primulace.

23 Apr, 2014


Thank you Sbg and Bjs I just noticed Spritzhenry had added a pic of that Dodecatheon. I think I planted one? It is sunny today so maybe the petals will go back. I thought the Dodecatheon would have been taller. Interesting point about the leaves drooping in the sun. I was thinking I would need to dig it up and inspect the roots for vine weevil. Linclass if having an aching all over feeling is enjoying oneself then yes I did. I managed to fill 6 very packed wheelie bins full of debris so that has made a big difference. I looked up Pruning magnolias to see if it would be possible to keep the magnolia to a manageable size but pruning is not recommended. When I bought it Scottish did suggest rubbing off the lower buds so that it would look more like a standard small tree than a large bush. I'm still thinking about it.

24 Apr, 2014


Quite a scary decision, that - let us know if you decide to go for it!

24 Apr, 2014


I will wait till it stops flowering Steragram and then I probably will rub off the one branch bud which then gives me a short stem. I managed to get a photo of the ?primula today. It is indeed Dodecatheon meadia album. Bjs was kind enough to say it was of the Primula family and I can now tell you it's common name is 'White flowered American cowslip' and it has an AGM so should be hardy here.

25 Apr, 2014

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