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Swingers and Singers David Lowe retires.


We were very sorry to hear that David Lowe who hosts the show at the weekends has decided to retire. We will miss him. My OH and I wish him a long and happy retirement.

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I read about that, there was a bit of a "bust up" it seems , one of his 60'/70's records had ''n' word, ......I think it was 'the sun has got his hat on' listener complained!

And poor David Lowe was blamed for it!

bbc seriously overreacted, it was a disgrace.

12 May, 2014


I too wish him well, I did read that they asked him to stay but he'd made himself ill with worry over it all so declined...

12 May, 2014


Double standards. I have just watched the iplayer repeat of the BBC 2 repeat of Dad's Army and Cpl. Jones twice referred to "Fuzzy - Wuzzies". Please BBC, this is not a complaint, I am a great fan of Dad's Army, long may it be repeated.

12 May, 2014


I used to really look forward to David's programme at the weekends, I am disgusted with the BBC.

12 May, 2014


We love dads army can't go back, only forwards,
do you remember 'love thy neighbour'....I guess the beeb wouldn't show it now but both men had derogatory terms for each other.......

13 May, 2014


I have never listened to this programme but felt very sorry when I heard the sorry on the news. Seems the BBC pick on innocent targets while others get away with foul language on a daily basis but perhaps I am just an old fuddy duddy :(

13 May, 2014


I think its the easy targets, one complaint thats all it was is seems
If thats true I'll fuddy duddy with you :0)

14 May, 2014

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