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My garden in January and February


I have tried to ensure I have something in flower every month of the year. I have been struggling lately but I do try and take photos when I have a spare moment. Here are some taken since the beginning of 2015
Primulas are very colourful.

The winter flowering rockery has been a joy since I planted it over 20 years ago.

The hepatica has been outstanding and I missed seeing the first flowers but I think they will give me viable seed. It lives in the greenhouse.

I love these little crocus which seem to pop up all over the garden.

These I planted in a circle around the drying whirlygig but they do not seem to spread very much.
Snowdrops have been of interest since I discovered they come in many shapes and sizes. The first photo shows these brave souls ignoring the snow.

A few weeks later they are in full bloomand they have been joined by some crocus which I did not plant.

I did say I was not sure of the ID of this snowdrop but I looked back at the photo Scottish showed on her blog about G. Sophie North. This is one I bought on our visit to Dr Evelyn Stevens garden later.

This is G. Sophie North which I bought from a trade stand at the Dunblane show. It is not nearly as tall as the previous one but it gets more sun. I wonder if the other struggled to reach the light. This one has not opened fully yet.

G.Little Ben a new one last week bought in New Hopetoun Gardens.

G.Viridipace another from the same place

G. Spindlestone Surprise

The Helleborus is a much taller plant but does come in lovely colours.

This little cyclamen has been flowering for weeks

I bought this as Iris x hollandica but it looks more like I.danfordiae. Whatever its name I love it.

Iris reticulata come in many shades of blue as well as white and who would not be melted by these beauties. I bought two bags of 50 and had a third bag thrown in free. I gave one bag to the grandkids and planted the others in pots around the garden. They are supplementing ones I had in earlier years. At one time I thought I could only grow these as annuals but potting them in raised beds or pots with good drainage has changed my mind. Thank you Bulbaholic for your blog on iris reticulata – annuals or perennials – which generated a big response from members up and down the country.

The winter flowering jasmine adds more height. It also adds to the pleasure my garden gives us all year long. This seems to be a better photo of the tree heather and the Camellia both of which are showing signs of treats to come.

This is a bit better.

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All looks lovely and well advanced in the garden your primroses in the garden are well ahead of mine

19 Feb, 2015


All very nice Sheila, as with Brian, your primroses are ahead of mine too. I think the drier summer has made them slow here this year.
BTW, we each bought G. Little Ben last year at The Linns - it was the one you thought we had the labels mixed up with G. Bertram Anderson and we each had 2 of either plants. Both mine are up, not flowering yet, and the foliage is quite different on both plants. Therefore you must have one of each too.

19 Feb, 2015


Great to see the season up and going. Beautiful.

19 Feb, 2015


Wonderful irises there, I am jealous! Love the pale blue primrose too. You have loads of colour for February, great stuff!

19 Feb, 2015


Enjoyed your blog :0)

19 Feb, 2015


Linda if you are free on Saturday Dunblane is the place to be. Opposite the Railway Station the SRGC bulb group are holding their Spring event.

20 Feb, 2015


Way ahead of mine as well but things are happening gradually, thankyou for sharing, I do like the Iris's .....

20 Feb, 2015


Thank you all for your kind comments. Bjs and Scottish I like Primulas because there seems to be one or other in flower every month of the year. Scottish I looked back at your blog on Sophie North and decided the one I was not sure about was a G Sophie North. I hope I am right. I bought the new ones because I fancied some more G. Little Ben and there seems to be several flowering stems in the pot. Stera the secret of growing the iris reticulata and I. danfordiae seems to be in ensuring they are grown in a well draining compost. Pots and raised beds are ideal places for them and I am glad to say last years iris are coming in to flower now as well as the new ones. No sign of flowers on my river of iris but there are plenty of shoots. The primula is P. vulgaris subsp. sibthorpii. It is a native of eastern Europe. Linclass I think the weather has been kinder to us here in the central belt of Scotland. It has been very wet but also very windy which dried up the wet a bit. We have had cold days and nights but very little snow. I fiddled around with my camera and find by changing the settings a little I do not need to do much editing. I have been stuck since getting a new computer and have been very frustrated with it.

20 Feb, 2015


Is there anything more frustrating than knowing what you want a computer to do, know that it will, but not being able to find out how?

20 Feb, 2015


Your plants are lovely, Scotsgran. My primroses are only just beginning to show - I have lots in the wild area. I might get some new ones for containers

Very little is as frustrating, Stera! I am still trying to get to grips with Windows 8 - I don't find it very intuitive. OH gave me an i-Pad for my birthday, and I find it so much easier. It has an excellent camera as well.

20 Feb, 2015


Much worse is the fact that no matter what I do I cannot easily replace the picture manager which was standard on my old computer. I have found a way of loading it but am too timid to risk using something that I feel should be a Microsoft option. Primroses are very good value for money. Some of the ones above have been in the garden since 2008.

20 Feb, 2015


You have some lovely collections there, I particularly like the colourful primulas. The local GC has some last time I visited and they seemed very reasonably priced - I might have to make a return trip! I wandered round my garden in the rain/snow this morning and spotted what I think might be dwarf irises - fingers crossed :)

21 Feb, 2015


My son persuaded me to change over to Linux as everything is free. Problem for me is that I used to use Adobe elements, which did everything I wanted and a lot more. It took ages to become reasonably confident with it and now I have a system which theoretically does all the same things but there is no handbook, only a very long list of contents, and don't understand what they all mean. The result is I just don't edit pics any more, and I used to love doing it.

21 Feb, 2015


That is my problem too Stera.I had a chat with Scottish about it and she has suggested I download Piccasa from Google. I explained my worry about downloading is partly that they ask for email addresses. I'm not happy about that being freely available. She explained how to set up one which I can use exclusively for just that situation. Goy friends are invaluable. Gee if a primula likes your garden it will increase quickly and can then be split up. If you buy a pot of primulas look for one with lots of growth which can be split off and planted any time. Just take a bit of root with an identifiable offshoot. You can either prise them apart or use a sharp knife to cut them up. Good luck with that.

21 Feb, 2015


I love that Lilac coloured Primula.
Lots of lovely colour.....just brown and green in my garden!

23 Feb, 2015


Prims spread easily Paul. When you are doing your gardening job you will probably need to lift and split clumps of them. If the owner does not mind then you can replant some in your own garden for a good show next year. I know people often throw them away when they stop flowering but they do last for years. If you want special ones the best place to find them will probably be The AGS shows. find them on their website. There is one in Harlow on 28th February if that is near you and not too short notice. Their members stall will probably not have primulas on sale but you will get an idea of what works in your part of the world. You might be lucky enough to get seeds. I dk what the AGS sell their seeds for but the SRGC charge 20p a packet or 6 for £1.00.

24 Feb, 2015


Yes, I had lots in my old garden which had been self seeds in a couple of my customers' gardens.
They wanted them thinned out. They certainly spread and seed around my front garden...particualrly the rockery.
I don't think they'll fit with the kind of planting I have in mind for my new garden.
Apart form a few in pots, perhaps!

24 Feb, 2015


they are useful as colour over the winter months and pots are a great way of placing colour where it is most effective. What are you planning for your new garden?

24 Feb, 2015

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