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Dunblane Spring Bulb Show


Scottish and I spent another happy day in a warm and sunny Dunblane enjoying the talks by Kit Strange of Kew Gardens. She explained about her work at Kew in easy to understand language. She propagates thousands of bulbs in various types of greenhouse, alpine house, cold frames and in the open ground. The bulbs are native to many countries which is why there is a need for different types of husbandry. The morning talk was pretty basic and geared to propagating but the afternoon talk flew by as she showed over 150 slides of beautiful blooms in their native environment.
We spent time oohing and aahing over the display of potted spring bulbs on the exhibition benches and we spent even longer and our hard saved cash at the trade stands.
Here is where mine went.

Curly was a bargain from the members stand.

I had to show Merlin in three photos. In the first one you can see that there is two flowering stems.

This is one flower

and here is the second one.

I wanted a Wendy’s Gold last year but felt they were too expensive. This one was £10 cheaper this time.

Dierama pulcherimum is probably a bit on the tender side so may need winter protection. It is not recommended for pot growing as it has deep roots.

Roscoea are lovely plants. Both of these were new to Hartside Nursery this year. Both should be hardy

Acis autumnalis NB the name change ( formerly leucojum autumnalis). I think the label is incorrect in saying it was Leucojum nicaeensis. Both acis are about 6inches tall. for the garden

Acis autumnalis rosea a small one for the greenhouse. It only has one flower per stem.

I bought seeds from both the members stand and the SRGC remainders box. I had to wait till late on Monday before I could get out to bring them in from the car as the weather turned really nasty. There is no wind in the study so any photography short comings are entirely my fault. I have no idea when I will get them planted because each morning the ground has been frozen solid. As soon as it starts to thaw we have been getting heavy rain, hail and snow. None of it lying but its impossible to do anything in the garden.

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Just on those names SG.Acis nicaeensis is a different plant to acis autumnalis,it flowers late spring/early summer. A.autumnalis used to be Leucojum autumnalis.

24 Feb, 2015


Thank you for confirming my suspicions Pcw. I was concerned that the nursery label was wrong after I googled it. I have emailed the nursery and will let you know what they say. In the meantime I have added a note to the text above so that other members will be aware that we are looking at it.

25 Feb, 2015


Very interesting collection that's your pocket money gone for this week

25 Feb, 2015


Very interesting Scotsgran and yes you must be itching to plant but the ground is so so hard.

I like curly its pretty must look for this one and the name reminds me of our dog when we were kids called curly.

25 Feb, 2015


Scotkat if you attend the Kincardine SRGC show you might find one on the members stall. If not Avon Bulbs do it. This fragrant galanthus is one of the older hybrids having been found found in the 1960s at Hyde Lodge near Stroud, flowering in mid to late season.

25 Feb, 2015


Boo-hoo Bjs I don't get pocket money any more. I save all my spare £1 coins when I come home from shopping. You would be surprised how it mounts up.

25 Feb, 2015


I'm pleased you were able to get some nice specimens.
I hope your weather improves soon.

25 Feb, 2015


Good lot of purchases there SG. Hope the weather improves soon so you can get them planted.

25 Feb, 2015


When I had a cat I used to save 20p pieces in a jar when I came back from shopping to pay the Vet.
That mounted up too. Using the card for most things spoils this interesting game.
I enjoyed this blog. Still get muddled up with Scotskat and Scotsgran.

26 Feb, 2015


Hywel it was nice and sunny at 9.30am but it had rained overnight which means the ground is useless for any kind of gardening. We had a lot of sleet and snow yesterday but it did not lie. I have a lot of work to catch up with in the garden. I think our winter has been a lot warmer than further south but we get a lot of ground frost because the garden is more shaded since the bungalow next door was replaced by a huge villa. My reluctance to get going is probably more to do with my general health, I feel the cold more now. I'm spending my time watching what is growing where so that I can spread the new snowdrops around the garden. They seem to be a promiscuous genus and much as I would like to discover a new hybrid I want to enjoy them as they are. It is quite hard researching and discovering the qualities of each flower as many of them look very similar.
I never did like cards Diane, I prefer to use cash and I don't feel guilty spending my pauchle (money taken from a fund with some surplus to use it for another purpose). I am Scotsgran because I am a grandma and Scotkat is much younger if that is any help.

26 Feb, 2015


I will try to remember. Think everyone is a bit low just now. Roll on Spring !

27 Feb, 2015

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