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My favourite plants in 2017


My favourite flowers are usually the ones I can see at the time. Trying to cut the list down to 9 will be a struggle but here goes.
Apple blossom.






Hydrangea petiolaris

Helianthemum ‘Ben Ledi’

Daphne retusa

Cephalaria gigantea

Cistus and HP Geraniums

I seem to have gone all pink but I do have lots of blues in the garden too. All of the above have special memories of people and or places. I tend to grow a lot of different varieties of any plant which enjoys my garden. Whoops I can’t count.

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Don't think it matters S'gran although I originally had too many, lol.
Like that you have chosen your special ones, I think we all have plant/shrubs/trees with meaning and treasured memories, it adds a whole new meaning to our parts of the gardens, well that's the way I think anyway. Lovely selection and photo's....

8 Jan, 2018


Some special ones there Scotsgran!

8 Jan, 2018


some lovely choices there SG. i don't remember seeing my Cephalaria last year I hope I haven't lost it.

8 Jan, 2018


I wouldn't be able to make a choice SG,although if I was forced to,Pulsatillas and dwarf Iris would be in my list.
Should your Nectroscordum be Nomocharis?

9 Jan, 2018


I think the Daphne is actually a Rhododendron, too. Still beautiful, by any name!

9 Jan, 2018


Linclass a garden full of memories is a great way to enjoy the plants. Steragram your Crocosmia 'Lucifer' has grown so well this year that it would have made the list but for the difficulty of retrieving photos grabbed by the 'cloud'. Pcw the same goes for Pulsatillas and dwarf iris. I have gone back to using my camera because the cloud grabbed everything from the phone and I have not had time to learn how to get it back easily. It is all there. The 'cloud' even attempts to improve my skills by making nice folders in what it considers to be a good way. Oh for the good old days! Well spotted This is the Nomocharis bulbs I bought from Pitcairn Alpines after I became impatient to have the flowers as the seeds were too slow. I have Allium nectaroscordum which is lovely too. Tug this is definitely Daphne retusa. I have it in an old sink as I thought it would be swamped in the open garden. I was thinking of taking the growers advice and replanting in the garden because it did not flower for the first 3 years. It did flower the following year and it is still doing well although it is only 8" high and the sink is in a veritable wind tunnel which is not recommended. Sbg I do hope you have not lost your Cephalaria. It is a wonderful plant.

9 Jan, 2018


SG pleased the Lucifer is doing well. I hope it doesn't outgrow its space as I find it very difficult to split....

9 Jan, 2018


I have it growing through the Kniphofia bed to give a nice shape contrast. I dig them out every three or four years and split them up. I think the Lucifer corms grow near the surface and should come up with the Kniphofia. I thought the first batch you sent up had died but the second lot did really well and the first ones have now decided to grow too.
Pcw and anybody else who feels Dottydaisy2 set an impossible task in asking for our favourites in 2017 just inspired us to share some of what we have in the garden. I would appreciate seeing more of your photos to brighten up the cold miserable weather we are having at the moment. It is nice to remember what we liked and what we might want to look out for in 2018.
On Saturday 17th February SRGC are holding their Early Bulb Display. Starts at 10am. The Speakers this year will be Janis Ruksans of Latvia on Crocuses and Mat Murray from Australia on growing bulbs in Australia. It is open to any member of the public. The venue Victoria Hall in Dunblane is directly across the road from the train station. It is a great day out.

9 Jan, 2018


That's what I get for trying to think on antihistamines! Since Daphnes don't even grow where I am, I had to rely on pictures, and I couldn't find any of Daphne where the flower buds weren't quite open yet.

9 Jan, 2018


No problem Tug. I have added a photo of Daphne flowers when they did open just for you. A pity we do not have smelly vision because they do have a lovely scent. Sorry to hear you are on medication.

9 Jan, 2018


Yep, absolutely Daphne! Rhodies would have five petals. Smellivision might be a mixed blessing, even if you stuck to flowers: Narcissus tazetta 'Ziva' and Pink Poly Jasmine spring to mind, not to mention the many that are pollinated by flies. At least I'm feeling better was one of those "48 hour not-flus".

10 Jan, 2018


Lovely selection Scotsgran. I'm looking forward to my Daphne flowering this year, I have buds. Your Helianthemum looks nice, I imagine it flowers over a long period.

10 Jan, 2018


The scent from a daphne is a highlight in winter. I love them and really appreciate the one we have in the garden after losing them in the past.
Glad you chose so many pink flowers - I do like pink!

10 Jan, 2018


Glad to hear you are better Tug.
Dawnsaunt helianthemums are long lived and flower for a long time over the summer. Our last flowers were in December. They are not too fussy over soil needs etc either. Is this the first time of flowering for the Daphne?
Wildrose we have had a few disasters with Daphnes in the past but the three we have at the moment are all Spring summer flowering. Our garden is quite shady in parts so plants tend to go with the weather rather than the script on the label. The pink flowers seem to start with the apple blossom and continue through summer in to autumn.

10 Jan, 2018


Helianthemum sound perfect. Yes first time for the Daphne to flower as fairly new, it's daphne odora variegata :)

10 Jan, 2018


Dawn you need to be careful where you plant helianthemums because they spread out in all directions to about 2' (60cm) They can easily swamp smaller plants.

10 Jan, 2018


Thanks Scot, I will bear that in mind.

11 Jan, 2018

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