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I start with a photo taken last week of the Prunus Kojo-no-mai. I planted it after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami of 2011. One of our members, who was living in Japan, asked us to do this in memory the people who lost their lives or whose lives were changed forever. According to the website the name translates as “dance of the Imperial Princess”. Unfortunately the flowers were swept away by the high winds we have had this week.

I planted 5 chionodoxa alba and they are spreading slowly

I do not know the name of this primula but I do like the colour

This pink primula reminds me of my Grandmother

This purple/blue primula is another favourite. I bought this from a supermarket in a box of 12 varied colours

Here are a few more favourites

This is a lovely sweet pea. A perennial which looks good in a pot along with blue hyacinths

No Spring garden would be complete without rhubarb.

I have a few apple trees but this mini pleased us by producing 3 nice sized apples last year.

I DK why the last photo has keeled over but rest assured it is standing straight in the garden.
The raised bed east of the greenhouse was totally refurbished last autumn. I planted lots of bulbs but they have been lost to the wildlife. I have planted some primulas to make up the shortfall. I think the shrubs which were here provided shelter for the winter flowering rockery which looked awful a month ago but might be saved.

Goodness me it is lunchtime already.

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Lovely variety of plants.
Hope you enjoyed your lunch we have just finished ours.
It's too cold to go out in the garden. The weather forecast is heavy rain so I think I will stay indoor and paint.

28 Apr, 2018


the garden looks lovely Scotsgran. some of my favourites there too. Just had a late lunch after pottering in the greenhouse. I hadn't realised it was 2pm despite the tummy rumbling :o)

28 Apr, 2018


Your garden has plenty of spring colour and I love your little Imperial Princess what a lovely thought.

28 Apr, 2018


Your plants seem to be doing very well, SG.

You must give me some advice about growing rhubarb. OH loves it and yet it won't grow for us. Lovely new neighbour is growing some and keeps sending me images to show how well it is doing. She has promised some to OH!

Keen edge to the wind here!

28 Apr, 2018


Lovely tour around your garden all seems to be doing well despite the winter weather Noted your Fritiaria Imperialis certainly found the right spot for that, nice Hepaticas mine are all finished now .

28 Apr, 2018


Bjs I have you and Phil to thank for the Hepaticas. It is hard to believe but they have been outside all winter. The frit is one of two I planted a few years back. The wind has caused a lot of damage in the garden which I have not shown. The other frit looks as good as this one but on closer examination it is literally hanging by a thread. The wind blew it over and snapped the stem at ground level. It is being supported by another plant and is only attached by a quarter inch of the hollow stem margin. Amazing tenacity.
Eirlys I handed over some rhubarb to our neighbour today. I have plenty of it. I got my original plant of Champagne rhubarb from my mother-in-laws garden. I grow it under the apple trees where it seems to like the conditions. Maybe try and get a root from someone locally and you might be more successful.
Marjories, Stroller and SBG thank you. We have had a few days of nice weather with only a little rain. The wind is my worry as it blows continually from the east, straight up the Firth of Forth or from the west along the route of the Forth and Clyde Canal. It is very wearing but when it is going to change direction, like today, it is almost windless. It has changed to coming from the east and it is icy. I hope nothing else blows down or is wind burned. I hope it stays dry because I am way behind and the green waste bin gets picked up 2nd Thursday in May. I have three bins full already and four more to go. I am sorry to hear of the horrible weather you are getting down south. Keep safe, the garden will be there when the weather improves.

28 Apr, 2018


Interesting to see some unusual plants in your garden. The last photo is lovely :)

29 Apr, 2018


Thank you Hywel. I think it is a bit out of focus but it is hard to keep the camera steady in the wind. The daffodils at the far end were a freebie via a coupon in a newspaper from a local garden centre. OH liked them so much that we ended up buying large sacks of different ones and planting them round the edges of all the lawns.

29 Apr, 2018


A lovely collection of photos of your garden.
I love the way the daffodils edge your flower beds, they look very pretty. I also like the primulas planted around the apple tree, a really nice touch.

29 Apr, 2018


Thank you Wildrose. It was OH's idea to plant the daffodils in the lawns. Now he swears at the foliage which has to be left to die back to ensure flowers again next year. The primulas were bought for a different place but I did not manage to get them planted. I thought they might look good around the mini apple tree. They will attract the bees when the apple blossom opens and we should get a better crop this year.

29 Apr, 2018


Lots of lovely colour in your photos, Scotsgran ... the weather has been very weird this springtime, hasn't it.

30 Apr, 2018


TT we had heavy rain overnight and we needed it. The garden was beginning to dry out with the constant wind. It is sunny again this am so I am hoping there will be a lot more growth. The flowers are not lasting very long, two days to a week maximum. I have to be honest and say the photographs only show the best bits. LOL I have a lot of work to do on the rest of it.

2 May, 2018

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