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A quick look at the garden in April 2020


I thought I would share some of what I like in the garden at the moment. A viburnum

White Cardamine

Aubretia Axcent Deep Purple

pink and maroon helloborus

Very dark red pulsatilla with ferny foliage. Pulsatilla vulgaris dissecta

I love the pleated leaves on this lovely plant which will grow flower stems up to 1.5m.

Lathyrus vernus is more of a hardy perennial, two to three foot high, which is very happy growing in the border through other plants rather than a climber.


Primula Peter Klein is looking a bit neglected but maybe one to take to a show.

Primula matthiola grown from SRGC seedex seeds

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The colours on your pulsatilla are attractive, Scotsgran. I’m waiting on mine flowering..this is a lovely deep colour with lighter edges on yours.
Love the Peter Klein primula, very pretty.

26 Apr, 2020


Thank you Kate. I have tried getting in to edit the Helleborus which I have named as hemerocallis. I seem to be having a lot of senior moments these days. The pulsatilla has that very hairy look on the buds before the flowers open. We can see that on the unopened bud on the photo. It does not have any white showing on the open flower. It is actually slightly deeper red almost maroon in real life. The photo does not do it justice. The Pulsatilla is only a baby and less than 6" tall at this first flowering. The P.matthiola and the P.scandinavica are both less than 4" tall and I grew all of them from seed out in the open. I think the P. Peter Klein was a gift from a Goy member and it has taken off this year. I plan to repot it in the hope that I can stage it if the SRGC shows go ahead next year. It is a great feeling to discover something that you have been waiting for when it comes in to flower, even if you have had it for years and seen it before. What colour are your pulsatillas?

26 Apr, 2020


Hi Scotsgran, thank you for the info, very interesting. I hope you do get the chance to get to the SRGC show, it’s be awful if the shows didn’t go ahead! Hopefully, the virus crisis will be much reduced and life will return to some sort of normality by then.
The pulsatilla I have is called Vulgaris Purple, it flowered last year when I bought it..I’m crossing fingers it flowers soon.

26 Apr, 2020


some lovely flowers there Scotsgran.
I love Pulsatilla too. I have alba and the common vulgaris in flower though the rubra hasn't budded this year.

26 Apr, 2020


Thank you Sbg. The Pulsatillas do well here. I have quite a few a lot of them various shades of blue as well as a white one and a bright red one and this very dark one came from club seed. I have been out in the garden today because the pots are badly needing water so I filled trays and put them to soak. I think I will need to add those crystals which hold water if we are going to have a long spell of drying winds and very little rain. Fingers crossed the slaters will be able to make the roof watertight before the rain which is forecast for Thursday in our area. Then it is due to rain for at least a week. It is a slow job because of the random small size of the slate. Fortunately we have two tons of slate saved in the 1970's. They will take off and re-use the original slate and dress the saved stuff to make up any shortfall. Somehow all the original lead had been removed in the past and the stuff used to replace it did not last so the chimneys and valleys are all being replaced. We cannot get any decorating done until we get the leaks on the chimney breasts fixed. This will sort it out so we are in for a refurb as big as the one we did nearly fifty years ago when we moved in. Have you managed to finish your work in the house?

26 Apr, 2020


Sending sympathy for the roof renovations!
Love your Pulsatillas.

27 Apr, 2020


Thank you Steragram. If this leaves us with a dry home we will feel very fortunate. It is raining quite heavily at the moment. If something grows well in my garden I try different ones in the hope that they too will enjoy our garden. The pulsatillas certainly live up to expectations.

27 Apr, 2020


You have a lovely selection of plants there Scotsgran, especially the primulas which I love !
Is that the Viburnham Opulus ? I have that , but it hasn't started to flower yet.

28 Apr, 2020

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