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Already the end of March......


…..doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!

Work in the garden continues, I think perhaps doing a makeover in two areas at the same time is, with hindsight, rather daft! It’s a case of one step forward, two steps back. Lots of plants needed moving to set the trellis – lots more are not yet above the surface and as they are not marked, I don’t want to dig around looking for them just in case I do more bad than good. I am patiently waiting on the hostas and candelabra primulas to stick their little noses above the soil. They are on the shadier side of the garden and despite the fact that the sunny side of the garden is romping away – they are taking a bit to long to show, for my liking! Still, everything comes to she who waits, right?

My garden is an utter mess, pots of divisions filling every corner, new plants ready for planting and not forgetting a mass of plants that are now getting far too much shade due to the shed move. In between all that, I’m still doing the spring tidy up.

There will be plenty of pictures of the makeover in due course but meantime I thought I’d share with you what’s flowering this weekend in my garden.

Sadly, most of the dwarf daffs are not nose down in the soil due to the heavy winds! Narcissus Jetfire, however, is sheltered from the easterly winds by the fence so they are still standing tall.

The dark coloured Hellebores are all but finished – they are looking pretty washed out now! This wee selection are still looking good

New Hellebores for 2014

Tucked behind a Cornus – the stems of which I think picks up the colours of the flowers.

White Beauty is a souvenir from our day out at The Linns – Scotsgran kindly did the rounds of a few garden centres on the way home. Picked up White Beauty on sale for £7 – I hadn’t understood why it was on sale but found out why when I took it from it’s pot to plant out. It was so root bound – It took me forever to free them up. I hope I haven’t done too much damage. Time will tell!

and Silver Dollar, another momento from a GOY day out to the SRGC Show in Dunblane. This one’s tiny but I love the serrated edges of those leaves.

Chionodox forbesii – I planted 2 or 3 bulbs at various spots around the garden a few years back. They are clumping up now.

The first of the Pulmonaria to flower. The others are a few weeks off yet.

I already posted a picture of this the other day. You can see why it has the common name of Snowbells – in it’s natural habitat those fringed flowers would be pushing their way up through the snow.

From one member of the Primulaceae family to a few others.

Planted under the golden Physocarpus, divisions of some Primula I took last spring. P. veris, denticulata and Guinevere and an unknown vulgaris type – which just doesn’t want to stop giving. I’ve lost count on just how many plants a single division from my brother’s garden has produced.

Narcissus Tete a Tete and Rip van Winkle also join the spring party. Rip van Winkle is definitely one I would not recommend for a windy spot – the branches of the Physocarpus are holding them up – lucky planting there!

Thanks for reading and all that’s left for me to say is a Happy Mother’s Day to all mummies out there and I’ll see you in summer time ;)

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You have been busy Scottish and yes 2 areas at once was perhaps ambitious.
You have some lovely flowers there too.
The pulmonaria is very pretty.

29 Mar, 2014


Thats the trouble with a revamp, you make the decision, then have to move things or lose them and it seems to take forever to get them all sorted and replanted..
You do have some lovely flowers though Scottish, the wind has been playing havoc here as well so I have a few indoors and a reminder to move some to a safer place for the future, lol.....

29 Mar, 2014


Oh Scottish what a teaser :) I cant wait to see your makeovers, I usually do 2or3 at a time, some small and some big :) Lots of lovely flowers and colour in your garden at the min, mine is a bit stark, i wish the rain would stop and get a bit warmer up here, Fed Up now but your blog brightened me up :) X

29 Mar, 2014



29 Mar, 2014


its very lovely!

30 Mar, 2014


Time flies as you say....7.45 already!! And I thought I got up early :0)

love the spring flowers

30 Mar, 2014


Terrific selection Scottish . . . your plants are looking very happy :))

30 Mar, 2014


Hi Angie ..
Good luck with your garden alterations ... exciting :o)

30 Mar, 2014


Love your garden

30 Mar, 2014


Thanks everyone - slowly but surely getting there. It's way to dark and misty to get motivated to get outdoors this last 2 days!

30 Mar, 2014


Hi, lots of colour there, but don't you Scots like paying a lot of money for your plants!!, £7 for a hellebore, that would probably cost around £4 -£5 down here, Derek.

2 Apr, 2014


Here's me thinking it was a bargain too :) I feel we are on occasion ripped of. I tend not to buy plants from that store now. The reason being that they mark some of their plants as Hardy and when I've brought them home, found out differently!

2 Apr, 2014


Hi Scottish, that really annoys me, they know it isn't hardy everywhere, they tend to think, if it's hardy in the channel islands, it's hardy everywhere, I think t&m are the worst culprits for that, Derek.

3 Apr, 2014


I don't read many good reviews of T&M - I've delivered a fair few of their plants when I was still a driver for RM - I was amazed at just how many customers received a replacement delivery weeks after the first!

3 Apr, 2014


Hi, I'm surprised they manage to keep going at all, most of the stuff they send out is rubbish, and minute, a few years ago I bought some plug plants of perennials, there were 42 in a tray, which I could hold in the palm of 1 hand, the cells were smaller than a thimble, {not to mention that half of them were dead}, I was offered a replacement, or a refund, guess which I took, Derek.

3 Apr, 2014

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