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Autumn in my garden


It’s been an absolute age since I blogged about my garden in general. I took some pictures last week, before the winds came along and spoiled things!

It hasn’t been quite cold enough yet to get some rich colour into the Leucothoe but as you can see they are just beginning to turn red/purple now

Leucothoe walteri Royal Ruby and Heuchera Caramel and Marmalade

Leucothoe axillaris Red Lips

I grow 2 climbing Hydrangea, one in sun and one in shade. The one in the sun tends to die back far sooner than the other. I find it copes with the sun providing it receives enough moisture, which in my garden, is generally not an issue.

Hydrangea petiolaris

The wind has all but seen of the majority of the autumn colours on the Witch Hazel, which is a bit of a shame considering it was new last winter and this was to the be first year I was able to enjoy it!

Hamamelis x intermedia Jelena

More proof that my garden is at sixes and seven this week, the first flower is just opening too, Can you see the first tiny ribbon appear? It’s not just the snowdrops that at making an early appearance (see previous blog)

Hamamelis x intermedia Jelena

Japanese maples are guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of Autumn gardens don’t you think

Acer palmatum dissectum Crimson Queen and Physocarpus opulifolius Nugget

Acer palmatum dissectum Garnet and Jasminum officianale Fiona’s Sunrise

Cotinus Golden Spirit, Physocarpus Lady in Red and Acer palmatum Eddisbury

Acer palmatum dissectum Crimson Queen and Pieris japonica Flaming Silver

All three of the Continus I grow are at quite different stages this autumn

Cotinus coggygria Golden Spirit is still very small and is well sheltered by the taller perennials growing in front of it.

Cotinus coggygria Dusky Maiden has been a real treat all year. Together with Heuchera Marmalade and a few last minute flowers from Geranium sanguineum

Cotinus coggygria Grace was moved to the front garden a few weeks ago and immediately went into autumn mode

The red stemmed Cornus are all but bare today – their red stems will add colour all through winter.

Cornus alba sibirica

Cornus alba Elegantissima

Perennials can and often are a bit of a hit and miss come this time of the year. Some of them just collapse in a soggy heap, others just look rather tired and yet others can and do add a bit of autumn colour too.

I planted some Bergenia earlier this year, I chose it for it’s early flowers. I’m rather liking the autumn colour too. So much so, I went and bought some more for elsewhere in the garden today.

Bergenia Overture

Another spring flowering plant with great autumn colour. A much appreciated gift from a GOYer (thanks Sanbaz) last year.
Darmera peltata

Despite being so late in the year, the Persicaria shows no signs of autumn as it is usually doing by now, the Agapanthus will soon be tucked up for winter, meantime, it can enjoy all the weather it has to through at it. I will be keeping a close eye on the temperatures and won’t be caught out.

Persicaria amplexicaulis JS Caliente and an unnamed Agapanthus

I fell for the autumn tones on this Epimedium a few weeks ago whilst shopping for something else. Unlike the other Epimediums I grow, this one is billed as semi-evergreen, therefore I think it’s safe to assume it will be deciduous here in my garden

Epimedium warleyense Ellen Willmot

It’s not often the Hostas make real impact at this time of the year. The lack of slugs and snails this year has been a big bonus and kept them looking great all summer.

Cyclamen hederifolia have almost finished flowering, their foliage now carpets the ground. Each individual leaf is different from the next. The intricate shape, colour and patterning is fascinating. As you can see, the pollinated flowers have dropped their petals and are now coiling towards the ground. The seed pod will swell and develop until rippening next summer.

Cyclamen hederifolia

I hope you’ve enjoy some of the autumn colour in my garden. I end with what might well be the last shot of a butterfly visiting my garden this year. It just happened to choose the beautiful Salvia Amistad to visit. This I have to say is one of my favourite plants of those that I’ve added to the garden this year.

Salvia Amistad and small tortoiseshell butterfly

Oh, I almost forgot I took this shot last week – taken from an upstairs window. The new design of the front garden. Previously a square lawn with edged with small border all the way around. A new arch, which leads you from the front door into the garden. I look forward to seeing how they all settle in and look next year. You can just make out some of the roses that are still blooming and the Salvia and Rudbeckia are still going strong this late in the year.

Thank you all for reading

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Nice and interesting fencing in the last picture Scottish. I also like the shape of the grass semicircle and the arbor entrance. Very effective. And of course all the colours in your other pictures.

26 Oct, 2014


Thanks Klahanie. We are not allowed fences over 3ft out the front of our houses here without permission, therefore the trellis topped 3ft fence is a bit of a compromise to add some height.

26 Oct, 2014


Angie lovely blog and stunning Autumn colours.

Front garden looks great

26 Oct, 2014


You have a great selection Scottish, its providing you with so many colours which is always a treat for this time of the year.

Very smart looking front garden, you 've made a good job with the new design, adding to my favs. for future reference, I'm terrible at remembering names so appreciate you taking the time to name them all, plus you've just made my shrub wishlist grow ever bigger, lol......Nearly forgot, smashing photo of the butterfly, it really stands out against the flowers, which are a lovely shade of blue or would you call it more of a purple, sometimes the colours look different when looking at pics on the laptop...

26 Oct, 2014


Love the new front garden design, always think a bit of grass shows off the plants to perfection. (lovely autumn pics too)

27 Oct, 2014


Thanks everyone.
I'm pleased with the colour this Autumn Kath. Now that the shrubs are a bit bigger, I feel I am getting the benefit of them now.
Lincs, the colour of the flower with the butterfly is pretty precise, which is strange as they purples/blues don't generally come true from my camera. It's deep purple, Indigo might be a better description. Although colour is different to everyone, isn't it?
Thanks Wendy. I'm pleased with how it's worked out in the front garden. Just need it all to fill out now!

27 Oct, 2014


I think your garden demonstrates just how much choice we have with shrubs that add so much colour to our gardens and I must say you`ve made the most of them.
I have just started to add Salvias to my garden and that lovely deep blue amistad looks beautiful ... so another one for my list.

30 Oct, 2014


What brilliant colours and the front garden looks lovely .

30 Oct, 2014


Hi Angie ..
Lots of colours in your garden ! :o)

31 Oct, 2014

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