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glad this week is over.


The weather men and weather girls [why not weather boys or weather women? any way I digress] said frost was due and I ignored all the advice.
Well that was a mistake.
-2 getting as cold as -4 over 3 nights.

The Astrantia survived this but the Gailardia isnt looking well :o(

This is the greenhouse [No really! I hear you cry… well it is :o) ] at 7.45 on the first morning after the frost. Looking ermm ‘frosty’
Half a dozen Ipomea and a dozen Marigold ‘Vanilla Ice’ look as if they are for the compost heap but I will leave them for a little longer. The fuchsia and Salvia that have resprouted from the base are looking ok but knowing my luck they will keel over in the next day or so.

During the week I have been pottering on an evening, tidying up the bed under the beech tree, removing self sown violets and honesty. This has allowed the plants i want to keep have a chance at the limited light.
From this:

to this, planted up with the epimedium and dianella I bought 2 weeks ago.

Then Friday night I made 19 trips with the wheel barrow from the house to the village hall to set up my stall for the village plant sale. I could have done it in 4 trips in the car but the nearest I would have got parked is just 2 doors away in my own street !

Three hours later I had sold over 100 plants and bought only one. I small Dicentra as yet awaiting identification.

The tables all packed away and waiting for youngest daughter to offer her services as a pack animal.

Then into my own garden, just doing a general tidy up and putting the unsold plants in various safe places depending on their needs. Before tea I had a quick walk round to see if there was anything of note going on. Delighted to see this Narcissus ‘pheasants eye’ in full flower.

And what is that smell from around the pond? Oh yes Daphne tangutica. Only a few flowers but the perfume on the evening air is beautiful.

So from a gentle start to the week, to a full day on my feet I can honestly say glad that week is over. Bring on the next……. But wait; eldest starting her AS exams from Monday so perhaps not :o)

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I am glad we haven't had those temperatures~you on the east coast get the air
over from Siberia or down from the Arctic I remember it well, on occasions when we visited the Northeast in Easter etc! ~we get a lot of rain but milder!
I hope you find your plants come round. I must admit I put fleece on everything but thankfully it has been okay.A whole raft of white fleece looking a bit ghostly at midnight but better safe than sorry!
I have Daphne marginata which has been smelling gorgeous on the way past for a few weeks now.Love scented plants in the garden!
I think you should do nothing at all tomorrow~ put your feet up!

15 May, 2010


Oh dear Sbg lets hope they perk up, I`ve still got all mine in the greenhouses and the heater is back in just to be safe, its set to only come on if it actually freezes. Supposed to get warmer next week..That Narcissi is a smasher.....

15 May, 2010


I think lots of us have been caught out by late frosts this year. we are not used to it any more. I was looking through my photos of this time last year and I had posted a pic of my first rose accompanied by sweet rocket. this year they are just budding up. I would love that daphne. could it be grown in a large container?

16 May, 2010


aw sorry for your plants but maybe they will survive.

16 May, 2010


~ I'm growing mine in a pot~ due for a move up, but being rather careful as I tripped and fell on it last year,breaking a few branches.
i Expected it to curl it's toes up and die but it has pulled through!

16 May, 2010


We`ve had a few frosts down here too but not as severe as yours. My greenhouse door is firmly shut and I`ve covered any vulnerable plants outside. Now my fingers are firmly crossed for the weather to warm up this week. I love your Daphne, scented flowers are a must for any garden. :o)

16 May, 2010


I wouldnt care but i have been moving at least 10 trays of plants in and out of the greenhouse every day. dont know how i missed the others. probably distracted by the bats that are out and about every night. Still compared to illness etc this is nothing that a trip to the gc wont ut right. if i need to that is.

I am after D odor aurimarginata [spelling?] to replace the dead V tinus. did nothing for me really so not too sad to see it go.

16 May, 2010


It must have been exciting in the plant sale. I wish we had one here. Sorry to hear of your frosts. We had a slight one for 2 mornings but not as low as that - no damage done.
Good luck to your daughter with her exams.
Weather girls - lol - never heard them called that. It must be a Yorkshire term :o)

16 May, 2010


It was good fun Hywel, there were 4 other tables and we all had different things.
we used to call them weathergirls up in the north east too. what do you call them then Hywel?

16 May, 2010


We just call them weather forecasters lol

16 May, 2010


Honestly. 'They' can put men on the moon, invent telephones that turn house lights off but are unable to tell the weather for the next 24 hours. I blame the goverment, whatever colour it is! Your plants are beautiful and I am slowly being persuaded to plant 'flowers' as well as palms, ferns and lillies!
Its meant to be warmimg up from now on, but lets just see! Hope your plants recover. Good luck with the exams..

18 May, 2010

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