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too blustery to do much outside.


Well hubby cancelled a sailing on the Humber Keel as the weather forecast said strong winds today [Sunday]. At I thought he had made a duff decision but by the time we had all had a hearty breakfast the trees were moving rather alarmingly.

I tried to do some outside work but I was rather concerned at all the falling leaves/twigs. So I decided to do some potting on.

Finally put the last of the peppers and tomatoes in the ground. They are in large pots sunk into the soil; with an automatic watering system.

Next came the task of sorting all the empty plant pots, all washed and stacked ready for use later in the year.

The grape was slow to break bud but it is now well under way with the flowers forming nicely.

These are Eupatorium cannabnium potted on again into 1/2 litre pots. I have planted several already, these are now spares that will go to the next plant sale.

Same for these Lychnis ‘Vesuvius’. I have planted 5 in the garden. I sowed quite a bit of seed and it looks as if every one has germinated. Had I only sowed 6 I bet they would have failed.

I started his blog on Sunday but have trouble loading pictures until today when I finally got enough in.
Yesterday I potted about in the garden, weeding and planting annuals. Today it has rained so the girls and I went for retail therapy in York. Came home purse intact. Now that is a novelty.

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Wow. you've been busy !
Better weather is forecast for the rest of the week... :o)

1 Jun, 2010


I went shopping in the rain on saturday but came away rather underwelmed!
like you I've been in the greenhouse where I've got a few baby tomatoes and some baby cucumbers so I'm pleased and the magnolia seeds I planted last autumn in the cold greenhouse germinated so I repotted them today-- just hope that they didn't mind!
forecast is for a bit more warmth over the next few days so heres hoping...

1 Jun, 2010


I had trouble loading photos on sunday to. Well I dont know why I took a couple of days off as its done nothing but rain. its been so dark and miserable. Sometimes I wished I had a green house, but no where to put it. Glad you 'got on and did something

1 Jun, 2010


you have done well sea,, the wind was awfull wasnt it, i did some potting on to, always something we can do, sorry you didnt find anything on shopping trip, i would feel so dissapointed if i came home with my purse intact hahah

1 Jun, 2010


You've been busy and had lots done. I hope the weather improves for you soon.

1 Jun, 2010


Good to see that you were able to get plenty of work done, SBG!

Down here we also had a lot of wind, in fact I noticed yesterday as I was watering my plants of the balcony, that one of the two shoots with flower buds on my shrub rose, Fred Loads, had been "burnt" off by the strong winds! I wasn't very pleased about it. Although it is a very strong grower, for me it doesn't grow very much, so the loss of a shoot with buds is almost a tragedy. :-(

3 Jun, 2010


that is so unfair Balcony. I hope it rebuds quickly for you.

Done a little bit of weeding but it is rather too warm for me. [never satisfied :o) ]

3 Jun, 2010


Am hugely impressed by your propagation and organizing efforts. And, as they say, 'it's an ill wind...'

11 Jun, 2010


i have well over 100 plants to take to the plant fair at Burton Agnes at the weekend and they are either cuttings or from seed.

11 Jun, 2010

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