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More forecast .....


Well like many of you we have had plenty of snow and thankfully I can see green again. Sadly I know 2 fish have died [30yrs old plus] but that may not be just due to the weather.

My fruit cage has bent under the weight of the snow and several shrubs have too.

The local weathergirl is promising us more snow on Thursday so I suspect the green will go again.

I will put a few photos in so you can see what is what.

This was the first overnight fall.

By the Wednesday there was over 18" and the plants were hidden fro view

This was today, ice free round the edges.

There is an Acuba under here.

But it is sadly a little bent out of shape. Shall I prune it or leave it to see if it will ‘perk up’

Now for a few pretty shots of the beech tree.
The first snow fall.

The mid week fall was crisp and deep and very even.

So I wonder what else will appear before the next snowy blanket? The one thing I am clinging to is the cold should kill some of the insect pests.

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that last picture is fabulous!!

14 Dec, 2010


Yes I like it, i watched the sky lighten, the pinks were fantastic too.
Thankyou Sticki.

14 Dec, 2010


I hope it's not so bad if you do get more. It's horrible. I hope your shrubs will come through all right. We are supposed to have it this time aswell. I find it very depressing and not pretty at all - sorry lol
It probably preserves the pests :o(

15 Dec, 2010


All very 'seasonal' but you must be dreading the next lot. Who lives in the little hut on the lawn?

15 Dec, 2010


Sorry to see you've had so much snow...
and lost elderly fish :o(

Re. the aucuba... I would be tempted to inspect it in the springtime .. tie up some of the parts nearest the fence, and then prune some of the most floppy parts at the front ... do you think that's a good idea ?

15 Dec, 2010


Heron I wondered that!! Love the last photo, looks so beautiful.

15 Dec, 2010


It always looks lovely on the photo's or christmas cards, but in reality--- ugh!
Its the ice thats the worse so really hoping that the forecasters are over reacting after the last lot!
I'd tie the aucuba as Tt says and in the spring you'll probably see new shoots to prune to

15 Dec, 2010


Sorry you have lost some fish, you did get alot of snow hate the stuff, keeping my fingers crossed we dont get any again this time aswell, all the best for xmas.

15 Dec, 2010


Hi SB,sorry to hear about the fish & all your snow,we have been lucky far.i also would do as TT has said i dont think i would prune it yet.great photos of your garden i hope the snow goes quickly for you and dont worry those..insects..pests will soon be back sorry to say. :o))

15 Dec, 2010


wow so much sea,,, none yet here but forcast, just hope its not alot as joe coming home saturday, so fingers crossed or we will all be so upset :o(

15 Dec, 2010


make it early San-- or could you make it on friday--or even tonight-- it looks bad ( just heard the forecast and wanted to warn--not worry)

16 Dec, 2010


thanks for the comments.
the 'shed' is a rabbit run for the pet bunnies, when the weather is nice.

The fence would fall down if I tried to tie anything to it! OH was meant to replace it 9months ago.....

btw- sleet from 11 this am.
grass is patchy green/white.

16 Dec, 2010


arrived here this afternoon --about like you I think-- thats enough now!

16 Dec, 2010


there is at least 3/4 of the garden still under snow from last time. My car is white over now [7pm]. I am sitting in front of a roaring fire aaahhhhh :o)

16 Dec, 2010


Hi You have had a lot more snow where you live ,like someone said its nice to see on Christmas cards but not much fun if to have to travel anywhere .
Wishing you a happy and warm Christmas ,thanks for leaving me a comment :o)

17 Dec, 2010


you are welcome Jean seasons greetings.

18 Dec, 2010


Fortunately, for us, we haven't had more than a couple of cm of snow. Last Thursday evening we had a heavy shower & it's rests are still hanging around. With the heavy frosts we have had it's no surprise!

Today we were forecast possible snow in the afternoon but so far, 9.15pm, it hasn't put in an appearance! :-))

Happy Christmas!

18 Dec, 2010

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