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Another overdue revamp part 1


Back in October 1997 while waiting for my youngest to be born my OH removed the old, diseased plum trees and prepared the soil for replanting. My father in law visited and over a cup of tea he told me that OH and he were to grass it that weekend. I was under the impression that the new area was to be a conifer bed. I had always wanted one after watching Percy Thrower in the mid 60’s.

Well when hubby came in from work he got a touch of a cold shoulder. He did notice [a bit unusual] and asked what was up. I told him of my conversation with his dad and he immediately bundled me into the car and off to a garden centre. Well we bought a good selection, he planted it up and 2 weeks later Victoria was born.

Front view of the conifer bed January 2012.

The conifer bed was carefully maintained and in the bad winters of 2010&2011 several plants took a real battering. Then germinating seed from the newly place bird feeders caused the mess of weeds and other hobbies and bad weather conspired to prevent a tidy up. The Horizontal juniper suffered very badly and I should have hoicked it out then but I didnt.

Back view of the corner of the bed.

Consequently I made the decision to start again.Gardens are never static are they?

A willing hubby removed the shrubs and most of the roots. Sorry about the back view, he is very camera shy.

I have to re dig and remove all the grass and weeds ready for hubby to cut pavers down to 6in strips. These will be put in on edge so I can seat Victorian edging tiles on the inside of the paver strips. This will allow him to mow the grass up the edging tiles.

Then I will get to plant up with all the new plants I have had my eye on, plus a few of the favourite conifers that I had in before.

Planning for the new year :o) Bring on 2013 .

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Interesting "story so far" ...
.. looking forward to updates ...

28 Dec, 2012


Your plans sound wonderful. I'll look forward to seeing what you plant. I think we need an additional page on our home page for us to record the weather. Tonight we have howling gales and I'm worried that the 40 + year old laburnums might come down. They are not very high but I would miss them a lot. Good luck with the hard work. Happy planting of your new choices.

28 Dec, 2012


I love planning. Your new area will be great! :-)

I think I'll be re-vamping several areas in 2013, as things have to change to make flood defences(!)

29 Dec, 2012


I think you bought the wrong Conifers. Have a look at what Blue Spruce did at Fox Hollow for inspiration, before going to a Garden Centre.

29 Dec, 2012


SBG - I'm sure you'll have that looking 'like its always been there' in no time at all!!
I'm looking forward to seeing it once you've done your stuff :)

29 Dec, 2012


Looking forward to see your "remodeled" space .

29 Dec, 2012


Thanks for the words of encouragement folks.
Demolition of a garage would be wonderfull but not going to happen in my hubby's life time. I bought the conifers I wanted at the time Diane and the sizes quoted were for a 10yr growth. I knew they would get to where they did. But the back ones obscured the now improved view over the neighbours garden. The 3 [my favourites] at the front were now too big and provided cover for the local 5 cats who stalked the bird feeders. Some of the others were badly snow damaged and the advice at the time from bluespruce and Bulbaholic was to replace them. Just didnt round to it at the time.
I am hoping to plant some azealeas that were in a large pot too. Probably little in the way of herbaceous but plently of bulbs I hope.

Flood defences sound a lot of hard work but may be essential. Or perhaps a bog garden might be a good response to all the wet. Then you know we will have nothing but droughts. The beauty of the british weather? The winds were strong last night and it didnt half rain too. Warm for the time of year today but of so wet again.

29 Dec, 2012


It's sounds good, I look forward to seeing photos of the finished project. It's nice to have a project to look forward to in the new year at this time when you can't do much in the garden.

29 Dec, 2012


Am pleased to hear you were in touch with Blue Spruce. He will always help anyone - has a vast knowledge of Conifer species.

30 Dec, 2012


Sbg - I had to laugh at the 'bog garden' idea - we could have had an indoor one!

No, radical work is required here...we'll get expert advice first. I think the Environment Agency will be able to suggest a good company.

30 Dec, 2012


There is nothing like a new project to liven us all up at this sleepy time of year.
Yours looks splendid and I look forward to an update in the future please.

30 Dec, 2012


oh i will keep doing updates. just need the rain to stop long enough to start sorting the soil.

30 Dec, 2012

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